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    Hi guys.

    I have a few questions that may be basic to some but I'm a newbie so here goes...

    1) I looked at a flat in welly on the w.e which has tenants signed until mid 2018. Obviously they had cleaned before open home but you could tell they treated it like a dump...is it for me to ask the agent or the vendor how the tenants are? Furthermore can I ask for it to be vacant with my offer?

    2) agent had no interest with in a lim or building report...so it's up to me to get obviously? How do I do this as I want to know what's wrong with the place before I make an offer clearly...

    Silly questions for some I'm assuming but I thought I would prefer to ask than make basic errors.


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    1a) Go and chat with the property manager if you can find out who it is and ask innocent questions like "is there any upside" and "how could we tidy this up". It should be on the rental appraisal.

    1b) No you cannot. However your PM can enforce some standards. Finishing mid-year is weird because most rentals are Feb to Feb. So you or your PM may want to chat about moving their exit forward or back 6 months. Assuming it is in the city they'll struggle for a place (if they need one) and you'll struggle to get good rent for that gap.

    2) Sigh, another lazy agent and seller. If you are new at this a Builder Inspection is important as old poorly looked after places will have hidden issues. LIM, up to you. Do you have time to get one before the due date for offers?

    If you want to PM me (think you need 3 more posts) the address I will give you my opinion on it and can introduce a good building inspector.
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      I thought only 60 days notice was required if the owner wants the property back for their own use - including selling it. Though I suppose that negates the 'fixed term' part of the agreement aye.


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        I very much doubt that, can you imagine the furore in the news if students started getting the boot two months before exams so landlords to renovate their properties to sell!

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