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Bathroom Flooring Options

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  • Bathroom Flooring Options

    I am renovating a bathroom, toilet, and laundry and interested in the flooring options of Lino or Ceramic Vinyl Planks? (Not keen on tiles, due to the hassle in replacing them).

    I have had mixed advice with some preferring Lino, and others saying Ceramic Vinyl Planks that slide into each other are great. The flooring is on wood board too.

    Thoughts / advice would be much appreciated.

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    if tiles are done properly they dont have to be replaced


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      You need something that is totally waterproof - particularly if it is a rental.

      Anything that 'slides together' sounds dodgy, unless there is some way of sealing all the joints.
      Frankly, I'd go for the lino option, with welded seams where there are any joins.


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        Lino is tried and tested.
        My biggest concern is waterproofing so whatever option you choose I guess you want it done right.


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          Nothing really is foolproof in a rental. I had holes in Lino, cracked tiles, water damaged timber – but I prefer Lino.
          I read that Vinyl Planks are suitable for bathrooms, too – any comments on that?


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            If it's for a rental, lino is probably best.

            Though I always prefer tiles, and when installed properly, tiles really last.


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              I prefer a meaty lino, and get it lapped up the walls

              a few cm and finished with a wooden cap.

              I have struck several duff tiling jobs where lino would

              have been a better solution, it seems more straight forward.


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                Hi Guys,

                Thanks for the feedback. Going to go with the Lino option (tried and tested) and seems to be the preference for the people I have spoken to.


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                  Don't use vinyl planks as there is no seal between planks, Lino coved up the walls 50-100 mm is the most cost effective and quickest, make shore the corners are sealed.