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  • Fixing a patch in hardwood from Doggy claws? :-)

    I have a property that I use to live in, when I got my puppy, being a strong little might, she managed to put little dents in the wood varnish with her filed/flattened claws and I have a patch near the door she would scratch at to be released outside.

    I havnt lacquered a hardwood floor...
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  • Asbestos in vinyl flooring

    Hi Guys, I am currently getting some renovations (bathroom, toilet and kitchen) done in a 1970s era brick house in South Auckland NZ. I have signed a building contract for the renovation work which has started on the bathroom. After reading on the net it has come to my attention that the vinyl flooring/its...
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  • Doing some research: Your biggest pain points when working with flooring vendors?

    I'm a copywriter working on developing some copy for a new multi-family flooring website. This is part of my copywriting process to find genuine pain points around this niche from actual property managers and other customers. Any feedback would be AMAZING!

    Some questions to get you started...
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  • L&P
    started a topic laminate flooring for living room

    laminate flooring for living room

    Hi guys,

    Appreciate your advise on this. I am planing to have laminated flooring for your living room. I heard it is not good for wet area. Does anyone have laminated flooring for their home, would like to hear from you, how bad it is if we accidentally drop a glass of water to it, or mop...
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  • Removing lino and sanding hardwood floors

    Has anyone had any success removing lino from hardwood floors with damaging the timber? Also, is hiring a floor sander and doing it myself a realistic option or am I better off just paying a pro? I imagine it's the sort of job that would be very noticeable if not done well. Cheers!
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  • K-Rad
    started a topic Bathroom Flooring Options

    Bathroom Flooring Options

    I am renovating a bathroom, toilet, and laundry and interested in the flooring options of Lino or Ceramic Vinyl Planks? (Not keen on tiles, due to the hassle in replacing them).

    I have had mixed advice with some preferring Lino, and others saying Ceramic Vinyl Planks that slide into each...
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