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  • Can this cause a leak? Cracks in the window.(monolithic cladding)

    Are this dangerous? Can they cause leak to the house frame? I noticed that there are vertical cracks on the side of the windows and aluminum doors. There is a cavity on the house though. Like 20mm. Thanks.

    How do we repair cracks like this? Thanks.

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  • 730
    started a topic High moisture reading around windows

    High moisture reading around windows

    I have a somewhat similar question, I'm looking at a house built in 1985, ground floor cladded with Hardiflex sheets and first floor with Hardiplank boards.
    The building inspector seemed to have an over-all good opinion of the house (although some work does need to be done), however he picked...
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  • Home ventilation advice sought - swollen windowsills

    Hello, I've read through some previous recommendations for home ventilation systems but most are several years old now. A company called EKO NRG SOLUTIONS are presently advertising a "GL155 home ventilation system" through the treat me website ($1999 installed) and I wondered if anyone...
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  • King13
    started a topic Landlord's Insurance

    Landlord's Insurance

    Hi - who pays the excess for damage to a door/window and landlord's insurance is claimed?
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  • Tom Kirk
    started a topic New windows

    New windows


    What do people recommend in terms of new windows. We currently have old metal framed ones, and live in Dunedin and I don't want to go through another winter with them haha.
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  • optrex
    started a topic Upvc double glazing

    Upvc double glazing

    I'm currently looking at getting upvc double glazing for my weather board clad property. However I'm not sure I'm keen on the process that is being offered. The standard option is to cut out the existing windows and use the existing wooden frame, thus inserting the upvc window into the frame. To me...
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  • Bonham
    started a topic Window Gaskets

    Window Gaskets

    Hi all, we've just bought our first home and it has been quite neglected for some time so needs quite a bit fixed up. One of the things we need to do is replace pretty much all the rubber glazing gaskets in the windows...Is this something we could do ourselves? Or is it something we should hire a glazier...
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  • Marc
    started a topic I Love Apple

    I Love Apple

    Hello all,

    I just wanted to share with you my absolute pleasure in using an Apple computer. Last month after trying to work with Linux after the nightmare virus called "Vista" just about stopped me from working I gave up and brought a Mac Mini.

    All I can say...
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