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  • New KIWI SAVER tax ..was it a grab?

    What was really going on?

    Was it just a tax grab?

    So annoying.

    This argument that we need to standardize and treat everything the same holds no water with me.

    Surely some organizations and schemes have a class all of their own -

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    Last edited by McDuck; 02-09-2022, 07:53 AM.

  • Nala
    started a topic Kiwisaver


    Kiwi saver will not release my funds for a property that I'm interested in 3 hours out of Auckland I make 70K year and no kids, I have stated the I will stay with my parents in Auckland during the week for work and go home on the weekends.

    The bank and mortgage brokers still tell me that...
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  • Minimum residing requirements in order to use kiwisaver to buy a house

    I have the opportunity to either

    Buy a property as an investment property, pay 30% deposit for the mortgage and immediately turn it into a rental - losing access to my kiwisaver for a deposit


    rent out the main house and occupy the sleep out for the initial...
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  • Setting up a family trust to buy a property


    So I currently live in Australia but I'm from NZ. I'm buying property in NZ off a family member but I am not able to use my kiwisaver or get the first home owners grant as I am a tax resident of Australia so technically an overseas buyer.

    I have been told maybe I can get...
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  • Rhonny_g
    started a topic Kiwisaver Home start grant query

    Kiwisaver Home start grant query

    Hi there, just a quick question regarding the Kiwisaver Home start grant..
    In order to become eligible for the grant, you must be contributing the minimum amount of your salary per year, for at least 3 years. Say I was only working part time whilst studying for a couple of years, but still...
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  • Converting from Commercial to residential

    Hi there,

    I'm new to this, first time buyer and I need a little advise.

    Im looking at buying a commercial property to run my business out of with the potential of living above the business. The property is a 2 story commercial warehouse part of 3 other units. The property...
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  • Gareth Morgan: KiwiSavers could be next victims

    Gareth Morgan: KiwiSavers could be next victims

    4:00 AM Tuesday Feb 16, 2010
    Gareth Morgan. Photo / Bay of Plenty Times.

    One of the major conclusions of the Capital Markets Taskforce (CMD) was that New Zealand must clean up its...
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  • donna
    started a topic Black Friday!

    Black Friday!

    Best not to listen to the news or read newspapers from now on in....it's all doom and gloom for the markets, property values etc.

    Even the article by Mike Pero - is a spin on gloom re. investing in Kiwi Saver may prevent your ability to secure a mortgage here's the article
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