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  • I'm the Emptor in this scenario. Development.

    Is there someone who is willing to talk me through the back-of-the-envelope calculations on site clearing and developing?
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  • Koko
    started a topic Lawn care advise

    Lawn care advise

    Hi guys,

    I am extremely fascinated by the look of a beautiful lawn (luscious green grass) and have always wished to have the same at my property. I have interited a not so good looking lawn (patches here and there) from previous property owner- now looking to improve lawn health/look....
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  • Jeffa
    started a topic Advice on early retirement "45"

    Advice on early retirement "45"

    Not an arrogant post but after some genuine advice on people who have achieved retiring relatively young, I'm at a stage were I can replace my income from my investments ,Im 45 been a tradesmen for 30 years and my bodies over work...more afraid than anything to retire at my age..Im Maori so my life...
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  • apartmental
    started a topic Tax on international income

    Tax on international income

    Hi people, I've been reading a lot in interest.co.nz lately about IRD contacting New Zealanders who have bank accounts or investments overseas and haven't declared any international income on their NZ tax returns.

    This may be a very silly question, but I have a tiny shareholding in the...
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  • Wellington - need help in analysing/negotiating a deal

    Hi there. I am considering a commercial property deal in Wellington. This will be my first commercial property purchase and I need help from someone preferably based in Wellington for guidance and help in negotiating/securing the deal. If nothing comes out of it, at least I'll get some knowledge. Happy...
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  • aucklandn81
    started a topic Masterbuild guarantee query

    Masterbuild guarantee query

    Hi Guys,

    This forum has been so helpful. Thought of posting another query if anyone had an experience and thoughts around it.

    We are interested in purchasing a new build, which comes with masterbuild guarantee. One of the terms for rot/design, etc guarantee is that risk...
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  • Advice Needed Please. (Private Sale)

    Hi All,

    My Father is selling our homestead privately to Me. The value is under GV (Although there has never been an actual GV done, the bank has come back stating a value that needs to be on the Sales Agreement etc. This is fine. A Lawyer that me my mother and siblings have gone to see,...
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  • sp275
    started a topic If you were me..

    If you were me..

    Im just after a bit of a feedback to get peoples opinions who have far more knowledge and experience than me, on what the best course of action to achieve my goals.

    Im 30, living in China and have no property. I save anywhere between $4500-$7000 NZD a month, and my ultimate goal is to...
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  • Buying Opportunity - Chippendale Crescent Birkdale

    Hi all!

    Long time lurker first time poster and hoping for some assistance. Been living in Auckland for a few years, happily renting in the CBD. Have been offered an opportunity to purchase a property in Chippendale Crescent Birkdale. Had a look today and the property is perfect and offers...
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  • nor
    started a topic Auckland vs Dunedin

    Auckland vs Dunedin

    Hi everyone

    I would like to have some advice from everyone.

    I live in my own house in Auckland.

    Currently I have one investment property in Dunedin.

    Now,I am planing to buy one more property, which one (city) would you choose?
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  • jack2016
    started a topic Australian bank and tax status

    Australian bank and tax status

    Hi I have an aussie bank account and it has like 10k+ in it as I worked there in the past.

    The bank wants to know if I've got tax status elsewhere.

    I have no income in aus and my only tax residency is in NZ.

    I'm not sure what to do, do I tell them I'm nz...
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  • tjay83
    started a topic first investment property

    first investment property


    I am looking for an investment property for long term capital gain 10 years or move.
    Budget $500.000 to $700.000

    Do you recommend Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch ?

    or smaller cities like rotorua, taupo, whakatane, etc.

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  • Assessment for Aerated Wastewater Treatment System in Far North

    Dear All,

    I need the help from someone, especially someone who is living in or having properties in Whangaroa, far north.

    One year ago I purchased one property in Whangaroa,Far North. Recently I got one letter from Far North Council regarding Assessment of Aerated Wastewater...
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  • wellywood
    started a topic tiny house - your advice

    tiny house - your advice

    I own a house which has a flat terrace behind it. There’s currently a 9.5 sqm sleepout (with power) on it.
    I’ve been doing a lot of research about tiny homes, self-contained buildings and had made the decision to build two structures under ten sqm each (one bedroom/bathroom and one kitchen/living)...
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  • ermat
    started a topic Purchasing property for income.

    Purchasing property for income.

    I am near pension age and live in a freehold house. (BOP)
    Also I have a total of $500k I want to invest for long term income. This includes my cashed up nz super. No other major assets.
    I need to decide on what type of investment. Prefer low risk, steady return.
    What should do?...
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