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  • rroyal
    started a topic Best 300k investment at 66y.o.?

    Best 300k investment at 66y.o.?

    I wonder if some good soul can advise me on the following.

    My wife and myself are 66y.o. and live in a retirement village. We sold all our properties and, after having paid for our retirement villa (which is not mortgageable), we have 300k left, which we split across 3 banks on Term Deposits....
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  • Are Maori Govt Department names the end of the Labour Government?

    I learnt Maori songs in primary school.
    I learnt to count in Maori in primary school.
    I learnt to draw Maori patterns in primary school.
    The school was mostly white European kids, but it was also very multicultural.
    The staff were all races.

    Apart from these few...
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  • House Insurance premium increase by 25%

    Would appreciate any advice how to get around this high cost. Just had mortgate rate increased.

    Just got the attached letter from AA Insurance that my premium is going up by 25%. I called them but they said they can't do anything about the earthquake levy gone up by 60% but I asked about...
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  • Why do political parties have no idea how to deal with rebel MPs?

    You know who I'm talking about.

    It's not even political parties to blame.
    Every big organization makes the same mistake.
    Ignore problems until one person decides to do something about it.
    Then expect the usual tactics will shut them down.
    Its a strange king of hubris....
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  • kingofjong
    started a topic Moving NZ

    Moving NZ


    I might move to NZ, Auckland and I was researching housing options. It seems like apartments are very costly in Auckland. I also searched airbnb's and they are cheaper. Can I rent airbnb's for long term like 6 months. Will the rates for airbnb's change after 6 months. Does any one...
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  • blueglassbird
    started a topic Selling off Plans

    Selling off Plans

    I own a unit in a building to be demolished and rebuilt. The build costs exceed the current CV, so would lose everything if I sold before rebuilding started. If I wait until the building is rebuilt the bank will force me to sell and I will lose everything.

    Have you sold off the plans within...
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  • Looking at buying house where vendors have RC for subdivision but no CT yet - RISKY?

    Hey everyone
    We're looking at buying a property in Auckland where the current vendors have received RC to subdivide the section at the back of the property. They are planning to build a 2 storey family home there. But they haven't received the new CT for the new section and they have written on...
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  • Frezzinghot
    started a topic Leverage


    I have a hypothetical question about recycling equity.

    here is a scenario. Let say you have $10m worth of property say in Auckland.

    the average growth of those properties were 5% pa conservatively. The debt on those properties were all positive, could you effectively pull $500k...
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  • How to take out equity in fully paid for rental homes

    In 2009 I purchased two rental homes in California for about $275K each. Today, estimated sales would be $650K each. They have no mortgage. Existing renters are fantastic and never late. Combined rental income is $57,000/yr. I'm retired and manage these two homes myself, and with great renters...
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  • Tax deduction for residential with business use

    Hi everyone,

    Wonder if someone comes across this and can give some advice:

    I have a residential tenant who uses part of the property (garage) as a storage space for their material and gear for their private business.

    So my questions are:
    1. Can I consider the interest
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  • My first investment Options available.

    Appreciate your expert views or personal opinion for the investment options available to choose.
    I'm newbie investor looking to buy my first IP before October 2021. Only, looking at Brand New homes as they are hassle free and tax exemptions, 5 yrs bright line test options are appealing....
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  • I'm the Emptor in this scenario. Development.

    Is there someone who is willing to talk me through the back-of-the-envelope calculations on site clearing and developing?
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  • Koko
    started a topic Lawn care advise

    Lawn care advise

    Hi guys,

    I am extremely fascinated by the look of a beautiful lawn (luscious green grass) and have always wished to have the same at my property. I have interited a not so good looking lawn (patches here and there) from previous property owner- now looking to improve lawn health/look....
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  • Jeffa
    started a topic Advice on early retirement "45"

    Advice on early retirement "45"

    Not an arrogant post but after some genuine advice on people who have achieved retiring relatively young, I'm at a stage were I can replace my income from my investments ,Im 45 been a tradesmen for 30 years and my bodies over work...more afraid than anything to retire at my age..Im Maori so my life...
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  • Tax on international income

    Hi people, I've been reading a lot in interest.co.nz lately about IRD contacting New Zealanders who have bank accounts or investments overseas and haven't declared any international income on their NZ tax returns.

    This may be a very silly question, but I have a tiny shareholding in the...
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