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My tenant wants to build a sleep out.

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  • My tenant wants to build a sleep out.

    I wonder what kind of issues could be here.
    My tenant wants to build a sleep out with the current little wooden shed that needs fixing anyway.
    I think the shed is included in the original building consent.
    She said there is no need to get the consent for the sleep out and sent me info.
    I also found this link on this site.
    It seems there is no need to get a consent for the small size of sleep out.


    She offers us basically free labour and we pay the materials.
    She wants to build it by the help of her professional friends who are in the trades business.

    Would there be any issues later when we want to sell the property?

    What would we need to make it clear if it goes ahead?

    Would you do it or would you not?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you nuts?

    The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.


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      OK PT, a bit extreme here. Different situation. Yes you can create a sleep out within a certain m2 and set back without a building consent BUT the building still needs to meet the building code, that is not what you are exempt from. I'd say likely you will need insulation at the very least. I am presuming this is to only be a bedroom space?. Is a qualified person converting it? If the building meets code for its purpose and is recorded as such in the tenancy agreement that it is only to be a sleep out bedroom then I don't see a problem. Ring tenancy services if you are not sure. Sees42 of the RTA for the correct procedure. "If the landlord considers the fixture, renovation, alteration, or addition to be more than a minor change and the landlord needs more time to consider the request, the landlord may, in the written response under subsection (3), extend the time for responding to the tenant’s request." My gut feeling here is that the tenant is going to do it on the cheap and it is not going to meet code. Then I would not enter into an agreement here.


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        Personally, it seems to me Nano you want the best of both worlds but tenancy doesn't work like that I'm afraid. Reality is, if its your property you need to be totally responsible for property improvements so you have confidence in meeting all regs necessary.
        To be fair your tenant is simply wanting to improve her SOL as I see it but it is a very high risk.
        I wouldn't do it.


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          What he said.


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            Every time I let the tenants do something on their own I came to regret it. Inadequate materials (e.g. they re-glazed broken glass front door with non-toughened glass and managed to crack it while fitting it) and poor workmanship (all those "cousins" helping out). Every. Single. Time.

            If she wants a sleep out offer her XYZ rent increase and ask for a contribution towards the costs but you have to manage it.


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              It is a bit of a process to turn a shed into a sleepout or any kind of habitable space. You need to be able to confirm the thermal value (i.e. insulation), ventilation, glazed area vs floor area, as well as ensure the foundation is properly sealed to stop moisture from entering.
              This isn't really something you want to leave to your tenants to sort out as you will take on all the responsibility.
              The work needs to be carried out by licensed professionals and you really want a professional to back you up how your new sleepout is compliant with what is considered as a Habitable space.
              Also remember you can't go around creating bathrooms and kitchens. And if you were to extend the floor area of this existing shed which you say has a building consent then you'll need to be wary of Resource Consent issues (e.g. distance from boundary)

              Personally, I would definitely not let my tenants go ahead with this.


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                Before you consider the refurbishment what about the foundation the shed is sitting on? Does that meet current building code or would it have to be redone? If not then demolish and start from scratch.


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                  Thanks very much for all your experiences and advices.
                  I don't think it'll go ahead at this stage. I'm afraid this might bring too much trouble.
                  Your opinions have been really helpful.