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Will OCR drop again next year Feb 2020?

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  • Will OCR drop again next year Feb 2020?

    My loan expires in beginning of Jan 2020, should I wait for next OCR review, which will be in 12th Feb (correct if I'm wrong), should I wait for next review?
    I think it's likely to drop again, your view?

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    who knows

    yesterday it looked a like a drop was likely the next move

    but today the reserve bank's actions make it look like the next move could be up

    then try and factor in wildcard winston making promises he can't keep, or can he?, to get enough votes to save his party in an election year

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      Waste of time agonizing over it.
      Unlikely to drop.
      Have many loans expiring throughout the year and spread the risk that way.


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        I think the recent talk about the 2008 GFC and the $113 potential bail out for big banks and the stiffening of the RBNZ will result in a rise but I dont think it will be a % to be concerned over. Maybe look up economic expectations on $100k etc which I heard on the radio but have forgotten. Of course if its a large mortgage, any hike can be annoying.


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          Interest rates don't appear to be rising offshore, which makes such rises less likely here in NZ.