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LVR restrictions back in 2021

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  • LVR restrictions back in 2021

    Hi All,

    A mortgage broker says the LVR restrictions will be back next year ultimately making it tougher for investors to borrow and compete with FHBs.

    RBNZ removed them in April 2020 for 12 months so it's a good guess that the LVR restrictions will return. No surprises here.

    However, not sure that's the answer as what's keeping FHBs out is the low sales price threshold to use Kiwisaver. I think in Wellington the property has to be less than 550K to qualify to take your money out of KS.

    Work needs to be done on this now - by the new housing minister when he/she is appointed.


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    There are no kudos for the gummint in fixing the housing problem.

    There is only kudos and benefits from talking about fixing the housing problem, all the while doing nothing realistic about it.

    The socialists assert they're here to help the disadvantaged - who vote for them, because of that.

    The socialists do not want the disadvantaged to do well, otherwise the disadvantaged voting bloc disappears and the socialists don't get re-elected.