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  • hawkeye
    started a topic Are short term leases still possible?

    Are short term leases still possible?

    I have a rental that due to current tenants being less than ideal has ended up rather tatty. To really get it back up to scratch might take a few months given the difficulty of finding tradesmen and materials. This leaves us without rent for quite a while.

    At the same time my son and a...
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  • Notice of increased rent and payment in advance

    Is a notice of increased rent required 60 days before the payment of the increased rate is due, or 60 days before the rent period the increased rate applies to? If a tenant is paying 2 weeks in advance, do they get 60 days notice before needing to pay the increased rate, or do they get 60 days less...
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  • timing of notices under new arrears provisions?

    Hi All.
    We have run into familiar dramas again with sporadic arrears, and I've found the new rules difficult to apply to the situation.
    tenancy services gives 5 examples where the 5 day arrears notices can be given but none seem to cover our situation.
    Rent was due Friday 3rd and did...
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  • BellBird99
    started a topic Private Board or Tenant under RTA ??

    Private Board or Tenant under RTA ??

    We have a "granny flat" that is attached to our house which we want to get someone into.

    I don't know if we can have someone in there as a "Private boarder", and I can't "rent" it out as a formal tenancy as it's own "rental" because it's not a seperatey...
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  • hawkeye
    started a topic Tenancy question. Who pays?

    Tenancy question. Who pays?

    My daughter is flatting in the student area of Dunedin. She would like some advice for her friend, a tenant who is moving from her student flat from last year into a new place.

    this is the time line of events:

    July 2020 she and others sign tenancy agreement for 2021 stating...
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  • Advice on 90 day's Notice given and if it is allowable?

    Hi all
    I have been asked by a desperate tenant if the notice to terminate is acceptable or not? I will endeavour to copy n paste her request with my apologies if this has been covered before (several times? !!).

    Here it is:

    What I need to ask is can a landlord...
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  • absoluteproperty
    started a topic More regulation coming?

    More regulation coming?


    Hi all, have just read this which hints at even further pressure on investors to provide better hokes than they themselves live in - tenants...
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  • Nayerhs
    started a topic Tenancy dispute regarding parking

    Tenancy dispute regarding parking

    Hi there, on renewing our lease at the start of the year we agreed to let our landlord use one of our parking spots as we only had 2 cars at the flat at the time. However, during the year each of our flatmates have purchased cars and 3 of us have had to use the street parking. However in the last 2...
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  • cb14
    started a topic Floor Insulation Timeframe

    Floor Insulation Timeframe

    I have just purchased a rental. It doesn’t have floor insulation. Is there a timeframe for the floor insulation to be installed after we rent it? Or does the insulation have to be installed before we rent? Thanks in advance!
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  • skid
    started a topic Moisture barriers

    Moisture barriers

    Has anyone gotten a definition of just what ''enclosed'' actually means...we have 1 bungalow with wood covering sub floor area
    the wood has 25mm gaps in between them and theres plenty of ventilation.....Its bone dry

    Second bungalow has T&G around sub floor,,,there are no gaps...
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  • Taking over existing tenancy - can I increase the rent?

    Hi there,

    I have just bought a rental property and have agreed to retain the existing tenants. the Tenancy services website states that you cannot increase rent within 180 days of starting a new tenancy, but does this still apply in my stituation? The current rent is below market, and I'm...
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  • Healthy Homes Documentation Requirements

    Hello all,

    Like I am sure many of you, coming to terms with the latest sock-it-to-the-landlord legislation. One piece in particular I would like to gather wisdom on, is around documentation requirements. From this MBIE article:[had to remove link as not allowed to post them apparently]...
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  • Sam3000
    started a topic Tenancy


    Hi there,

    I have question, is it legal to add a bidet to the toilet without landlord authorization. From my understating under RTA this is not allowed with out my authorization. PM advised bidet would not fall under this category as it is considered an addition rather than a fixture....
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  • aucklandn81
    started a topic Change of Tenants name on Tenancy

    Change of Tenants name on Tenancy

    Hi Guys,

    I have a similar query as one of recent posts. Our long term tenants want to change tenancy to someone's name, who also stays in the same house to benefit from WINZ that I guess.

    I want to help them out if I can but don't want to do cross any legal stuff/obligation....
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  • Spoook
    started a topic Change of named tenant

    Change of named tenant

    My tenants have decided to separate. He has left and she is taking over the tenancy. They both agree to change the tenancy agreement to reflect this change. Should I charge for this?
    The circumstance have been "tricky".

    The departing tenant chose to pay the rent a...
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