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More regulation coming?

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  • More regulation coming?

    Hi all, have just read this which hints at even further pressure on investors to provide better hokes than they themselves live in - tenants get rental inspections, we will get council inspections.

    Don't forget to vote everyone, or prepare to be disappointed when in 4 years tine your hard earned nest egg is smashed into a million pieces, served by someone else and eaten by someone that didn't even buy it.

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    "University of Otago public health professor Philippa Howden-Chapman said overcrowding was the single biggest housing-related cause of poor mental and physical health."

    So it will be even more critical for landlords to make 100% sure all tenants are named on the tenancy agreement, along with the maximum number of occupants. When the newly funded compliance police come to proactively check, landlords will be ready with the 14 day notices. That is, if the landlords have not been proactive themselves already. And let us not forget that social housing landlords also need to be proactive on occupancy.

    Sounds like nobody will be checking owner occupied homes for overcrowding.


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      Complaint Storm Needed

      Seems to me to be time for some (what might be called) civil disobedience by LLs.

      Time for them to report every significant tenant breach to the Tenancy Services Compliance and Investigation Team (TCIT). A team whose avowed purpose is unqualified compliance with the RTA.

      But the reality, according to an OIA request, is that harrassing LLs is the TCIT focus.

      An avalanche of complaints correctly and properly listing significant tenant breaches of the RTA (particularly unlawful acts) along with a request to investigate and remedy, is the idea.

      Such would be a potentially useful tool, later.


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        Shame we can't rent a massive crowd to vote national.


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          Donna I learnt a lot from our last election, when Labour managed to stitch up a sneaky deal with the Greens and NZ first even though National had a higher total vote count than Labour (I know it was close so apologise if I am wrong on this).

          This year, because our government has gone so extreme left, I voted more right than I normally would, moving away from National.

          It is too late for this election, but wonder if National needs to go further left, become "tenant friendly" without the open aggression against landlords. They could do other things too, such as using public money to educate and make our public more self sufficient, rather than poorer than they have ever been as we have now and blame it on an ever decreasing group of middle and upper class as Labour are doing now.

          If National moved slightly left and Act became better communicators to potential voters, I think we could be looking at a very different ball game. They need to iron out some policies that simply won't slide with everyday Kiwis, but everyday Kiwis also have to adjust because we are burning the candle at both ends right now and it isn't working.

          The middle class has been absolutely crushed during COVID, and I would envisage a large proportion of people with real money have already started other ventures outside of NZ - I hear it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy property on the gold coast right now.


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            I heard for the first time today Labour will support Green's wealth tax ... I must have been living under a rock / in a hole ...
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              CGT by another name.


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                Originally posted by Perry View Post
                CGT by another name.

                Wealth tax is far worse than CGT, because it taxes unrealised gain annually.


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                  True. Naked red Greed/n.