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Advice on 90 day's Notice given and if it is allowable?

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  • Advice on 90 day's Notice given and if it is allowable?

    Hi all
    I have been asked by a desperate tenant if the notice to terminate is acceptable or not? I will endeavour to copy n paste her request with my apologies if this has been covered before (several times? !!).

    Here it is:

    What I need to ask is can a landlord give 90 days notice via his property manager with no reason given and that the flat will not be re leased? The other 5 flats residents haven’t been given notice. The front unit was available and I wasn’t given the option of renting that prior to the notice issued to me.

    Thank you for your learned replies ????

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    Some [background info] clarification would be useful, in order that any replies would be helpful / meaningful.

    Have a look-see, here.


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      Thanks Perry.
      It's taken me all this time to work out how to get this post started and now your reply to send it on to said tenant!!!

      Golly - may just as well have given her the website so she could post it herself!


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        Your reply still remains a little enigmatic.

        Until the law change takes effect, a 90 day termination notice with no reason given is valid / lawful

        That was what the other thread linked to was about.

        11 Feb 2021 is D-day. (Disaster day for 'difficult' tenants)

        If a tenant received a “no cause” termination before the main commencement date (six
        months from Royal assent) do they still have to move out?
        Yes. A termination notice given before the main commencement date under the current rules which
        comes into effect after the main commencement date is valid.
        Source - page 36.