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  • Covid-19 Economic & General Effects for PIs & PMs

    I'm an expat living in Europe. Just read the news about the restrictions on visitors. It reads as if its going to be a huge economic shock to New Zealand. I wish all you guys well and hope the gvt does something substantive to help all areas of the economy( not just tourism). I think in this case...
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  • Recommendations for Build Inspector/Survey and property Solicitor please.

    Narrowing down a PPOR, time to get people ready prior to auction and offers.

    Any good Building Inspectors used on the North Shore and Whangaparaoa?

    And any recommendations for a good value solicitor just to get the paper work in order?

    I feel like she is taking...
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  • Vetting Strategies - How to find out who tenants truly are?

    Hi everyone, I'm an architect currently doing research on interactions between landlords and tenants within the residential rental market. Unfortunately have had some bad experiences recently, particularly with identity fraud by tenants falsifying identities in a sophisticated manner.

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  • flyernzl
    started a topic NZPIF Insulation Survey

    NZPIF Insulation Survey

    The new Minimum Standards for insulation come into force next week.

    We are conducting research to estimate how prepared the industry is and to also establish what will be required to meet the Healthy Homes Standards coming into force in 2021.

    The information...
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  • Auckland Property Investors Association Survey - Open to All

    The NZPIF Executives will be meeting next month to discuss matters of mutual concern for all PIAs around the country as well as strategise its advocacy efforts for the months ahead. It is important for APIA to give input before this meeting.

    We have put together a quick survey to collect...
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  • phillip30
    started a topic services cost for sub division

    services cost for sub division


    can anyone provide a suggested starting point for services costs to a new ste for a sub division. I realise this might vary a bit but wondering if somoen might be abvle to give me a starting point. All the services are easily accessible on the site.

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  • HattrickNZ
    started a topic Schedule Of Condition Survey

    Schedule Of Condition Survey

    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted on here.

    There is a development happening near my house and I have been asked to grant permission for a complete schedule of condition survey of my house.
    This will not cost me anything and will be paid for by the development company....
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  • flyernzl
    started a topic NZPIF Survey

    NZPIF Survey

    NZPIF Survey

    Thank you to all those who have taken part on our survey to gather the views of rental property owners.

    This information is essential, and the more responces we get, the better.

    If you haven't shared your views yet,...
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  • Advocacy group needs a crowd

    The NZ Property Investors' Federation and 20 local Associations around the country are a membership organisation that provide a voice for our industry with central and local Government. We are working hard on the meth situation, the Osaki case, Tenancy Tribunal hearings, housing affordability and many...
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  • Albin80
    started a topic Fence in the wrong place!

    Fence in the wrong place!

    I have a property in Mangere which I purchased few months back. The property received resource consent for subdivision and I have done the survey plan, with the intention of moving to next stage into building. LIZ approved the survey plan... However, the survey identified a surprise find... The current...
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  • The Incentives That Actually Keep Tenants Around

    Offering incentives in order to retain a good tenant is simply smart business — it’s significantly cheaper to maintain a current customer by giving them a small gift than it is to market and find a new tenant. But how exactly to retain tenants (or, more accurately since we’re clearly talking about...
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  • TomW
    started a topic Insurance Type and Cost Changes

    Insurance Type and Cost Changes

    Been with state insurance for many years now. Had new policy last year. Got robbed a few weeks back of around $5k worth of gear from house. Went to make claim but got declined as new term in fine print was added 'house must have monitored alarm".
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  • Andrew
    started a topic Got a view on the Tenancy Tribunal?

    Got a view on the Tenancy Tribunal?

    I've been asked to make a presentation at the Tenancy Tribunal Adjudicators Conference on September 24. This is an excellent opportunity to present the opinions of rental property owners who have used the Tribunal but I want to present the collective views of as many rental property owners as possible....
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