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Auckland Property Investors Association Survey - Open to All

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  • Auckland Property Investors Association Survey - Open to All

    The NZPIF Executives will be meeting next month to discuss matters of mutual concern for all PIAs around the country as well as strategise its advocacy efforts for the months ahead. It is important for APIA to give input before this meeting.

    We have put together a quick survey to collect your views on some headline issues that would/could concern landlords. This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete and closes 20th November.

    Your participation will be most appreciated. Survey link here:


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    Filled it in. Removing fixed tenancies a concern, who would let a property to a group of excited 19 year olds on a periodic lease.
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      Filed and commented:
      [1] Termination of an agreement is a business decision. If the business owner is required to state the reason for ending a tenancy, the owner must be able to set these reasons onto the tenancy agreement and enforce them. That is not proposed.
      [2] 21 or 90 days notice – Landlords have to give a reason to end a tenancy, but tenants not. 21 days notice for tenants with no commitment compared with 90 days notice for people who are carrying financial obligations creating an untrustworthy renting system.
      [3] Abolishing fixed tenancies is the end of renting out temporarily trading properties, accommodation for a mobile workforce, and for rentals provided e.g. by people who have an oversea assignment by renting out their home for a limited time.