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NZPIF Insulation Survey

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  • NZPIF Insulation Survey

    The new Minimum Standards for insulation come into force next week.

    We are conducting research to estimate how prepared the industry is and to also establish what will be required to meet the Healthy Homes Standards coming into force in 2021.

    The information is essential for our advocacy and media work. The survey only takes around 10 minutes to complete and we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. We need everyone to take part.

    If you know other rental property providers who are not PIA members or active here, please pass the survey link onto them. (encouragement to join their local PIA would be welcomed as well!)

    Click this link to start the survey.

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    the question about the underfloor barrier doesn't have a n/a option.


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      I've done the survey too. All the installers thinking their business will dry up now have a new lease of life installing the moisture barrier. I'm not convinced all areas of NZ need the barrier.

      The 'one size fits all' is really frustrating. e.g. one room open plan living etc will not benefit in the slightest from a small extractor fan. And I'd argue if your home is on a sand dune and on driven piles there is no rising damp - in fact putting in the barrier which is thick polythene 'plastic' is really bad for the environment - nice one Labour! and would potentially hold water on top (should there be a leaky pipe) which would otherwise drain away.


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        Unintended consequences is stock-in-trade for the ten thousand new, affordable homes-a-year commie crowd.
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