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  • Chewbucca
    started a topic Changing Shareholdings in LTC

    Changing Shareholdings in LTC

    Hi guys, just after some thoughts.
    I'm a reduced hours salaried worker and business owner and on roughly $150K/yr and my wife is an at home mum. We are buy and hold investors. We started our LTC in 2012 and purchased several properties. Our last property purchase was in 2015. This year is the...
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  • chuckee
    started a topic Rules around 'tainting'

    Rules around 'tainting'

    Hi, I have a question about structure of ownership.
    Let's say you have a company that owns 2 rental properties and will own them for 10+ years.
    If the same company buys another rental property with the intention to hold on to it for at least 5 years, but then after 1 year gets an excellent...
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  • ACC levy for retired person has a rental income?

    Hi there
    My parents just received a 2020 ACC levy invoice.
    They have a LTC company set up to manage the rental property, but both of them are retired and over 70, are they still liable to pay ACC levy? Is this because they are the owner of LTC so liable to pay ACC?
    If the rental...
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  • Selling our freehold personal home to LTC for rental use and gearing up

    Hi All,

    Wife and I are thinking about buying a new personal home, and retaining our existing personal home but changing its use to a rental - we own it freehold. We are thinking of establishing a jointly owned LTC which would buy our existing home off us, and would use new mortgage debt...
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  • Is it still worth putting a rental in LTC?

    We currently own a rental in our own names (property #1). After the current 12 month fixed term tenancy ends, we will rebuild on it and move it so it will become our family home. In the mean time, we are looking at buying a property (#2) that we will live in until property #1 is rebuilt, at which point...
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  • Family Trust OR Family Trust and LTC?

    Given we are shortly to be sharedholders and Directors in a high-risk sector, we have decided with our Solicitor that a Family Trust is the best way forward. We've also received advice from our own Accountant and one other Accountant. Trouble being one Accountant recommends placing our rental property...
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  • financial structure LTC vs Trust vs Company

    hi there,

    We are in the process of setting up our financial structure to start investing in rental properties. We've had discussions with several Accountants, all of them advising another strategy: one advised a trust, one a LTC and another one a Company.
    This got my quite confused.......
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  • Bluecoat
    started a topic New Trust or keep LTC

    New Trust or keep LTC

    Currently have an LTC which if shares are sold to a new trust will give us a savings of around $4k pa as well as asset protection . Move personal freehold house to Trust, as might as well utilize the Trust. So single easily entity and easily managed. Plan is to buy more IP's.

    The setup...
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  • Bluecoat
    started a topic LTC and Trust

    LTC and Trust

    I am looking at ways to structure my affairs so that it is beneficial to my family of 4 . Wife and I are in 30 and 33% tax brackets with a UNI/high school attending children

    I have approached my CA who suggested I sell my shares to a Trust but unsure which entity should I use if I purchase...
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  • saleemn
    started a topic Selling Rental to LTC

    Selling Rental to LTC

    Have a situation. Have 2 properties. One owner occupied and one rental both on personal name. Converted the owner occupied in to a rental and sold both the properties to LTC at market price. Bought a third one for owner occupied.

    Will this be ok with IRD when we claim interest for the two...
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  • coolbananas
    started a topic Winding up an LTC?

    Winding up an LTC?

    I'll be setting up an LTC in a couple of months and selling my current residence to it to get the maximum tax benefits when I rent it out.

    I understand how any income/loss flow to me personally.

    I can't find information on what happens down the road when I eventually sell my...
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  • Look Through Company for my 2 rentals?

    Hello all,

    Would love to hear your opinions on this as I've been receiving mixed and unclear feedback from different professional sources.

    I've been to see Gilligan and Rowe and have been told to set up an LTC for my new purchases (have not settled yet). My broker isn't too...
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  • Transferring house from GST registered trading co to LTC

    I have a property I initially bought with the intention of trading after a reno through my trading co. My situation has now changed and I now have decided I'd like to keep the house.

    What process do I need to go through to move it over to the LTC and at what price can the LTC "buy"...
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  • zooreeni
    started a topic LTC vs Personal Ownership

    LTC vs Personal Ownership

    Hi All,

    I am about to purchase my first investment property in Auckland.

    Been reading lots on how to structure the ownership but I cant figure out what tax or other advantage owning a single investment property through an LTC provides over personal ownership?

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  • UncleNed
    started a topic LTC Offset mortgage structure

    LTC Offset mortgage structure

    Is it legal / sensible to pay personal salaries and savings into an LTC structure for the purposes of offsetting interest on an investment property loan?

    Our personal home mortgage is paid off and we want to use our personal salaries and savings to offset the interest we pay on a $400k...
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