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  • brokerman
    started a topic Non Banks in New Zealand

    Non Banks in New Zealand

    A lot of noise around non bank lending at present as the banks are forced to delve deeper into our financial lives before making any decisions.

    As an Adviser who specialises in this space I thought an update on this type of lending might be helpful.

    Non bank used to come under...
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  • Interest rates to remain steady for forseeable future?

    I read an article and now Ive lost it ugggh.

    But it was an economist saying there are things in place to keep rates low for the forseeable future.

    Does anyone know of any such plans by the government etc?

    I know they wanted a slight raise to pay for the bank bail...
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  • Stand and deliver, your money or your life. One for the game theorists.

    Stand and deliver, your money or your life.

    Just the sort of choice you might expect a highway robber of old to bellow out -
    from under his mask -
    as he sits upon his steed -
    while levelling his flintlock pistols at a carriage -
    containing a gentleman and his fretting...
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  • Commercial or Residential Loan Development Project

    Hello All

    I have a residential property that I now know is zoned for Terrace and Apartment building. I have been to an architect and he has showed me that I can build 6 terrace houses 3 levels each with single garage, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and each would generate 600 rental income per...
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  • brokerman
    started a topic Non banks and Investment loans

    Non banks and Investment loans

    As we all know the dear old RBNZ limit banks to 70% standalone on investment property plus most banks apply a 2% ish margin to stressing other lending on a 25 year P&I basis, this makes servicing a real pain.

    At last a real alternative to bank lending with the launch of an 80% standalone...
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  • How to use 1 home for 2 rentals in 1 year?

    Hi everyone.

    I need some help I have been coming up with ideas how to buy rentals quicker but I do not know if my ideas are possible.

    I am 24 years old, I am not trying to get rich quick but I am trying figure out how to do real estate more efficient.

    Is There...
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  • Perry
    started a topic Paying Bills Customs

    Paying Bills Customs

    Have PT Forumites changed their bill-paying customs in recent times?

    E.g. given the low interest rates on 'savings' deposits, are you paying bills as you receive them, as opposed to waiting till the due date?

    One obvious benefit of paying on receipt is that the process is...
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  • ak22
    started a topic Finance to build newbuild units

    Finance to build newbuild units

    Hi all. Just trying my luck if anyone can share their views/opinions/suggestions on banks approving loan to build units on a section? We have a 900 sqm land with stand alone house being rented to good tenants. Long term, not sure if feasible or not, at this stage, our goal is to build 4 or 5 2 bedroom...
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  • 007Chip
    started a topic First investment purchase

    First investment purchase

    I am after some advice regards to purchasing my first rental investment property. I have preapproval for a loan. My own house is mortgage free. Therefore I have the equity in my own property. The Property I am looking at purchasing, is asking $340,000. I am looking at it as a buy and hold. Current tendered...
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  • First home question regarding finance


    I’m in the process of looking for my first home and have come across some older houses within my budget of $600k that would probably need some TLC. My question is if for example I put in an offer for a place say $570k and after the building inspection I happen to negotiate the price...
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  • MintyFresh
    started a topic Short Term Lending Options

    Short Term Lending Options

    Hi guys,

    We're looking into an investment property with a sub dividable section. I'm after some financing options to achieve our development goal.

    We want to subdivide off the rear section and, once we have title, sell the house (~4 Months). We will then look to build...
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  • MintyFresh
    started a topic Financing Kitsets

    Financing Kitsets

    Hi guys,

    I've found a Kitset that seems like great value (Quick Build Homes) and am currently working on obtaining a piece of land to put this thing on.

    My current bank in the first instance told me they don't finance kitsets. Then I got a bit animated and the guy got a...
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  • Consent to Entry document - Bank

    Hi Everyone

    Tenants of ours via their lawyer and bank have asked us (as Landlords) to sign a Consent to Entry document. They say they are rearranging some of their finances. Basically if these tenants default on debt payments the bank gets to enter our property and repossess their...
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  • New-Build Residential Investment Property - Current Financing Environment?

    Has anybody recently gained finance for new build residential investment property? If so, what lenders are currently in the space and what LVR's are people achieving?
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  • alioop
    started a topic rebuild finance

    rebuild finance

    Hi, I am considering a demo and rebuild of my current home in Auckland central area and then sell or rent it out depending on the market in a year.

    The house is mortgage free and has a cv of $1.7m and would expect completed value to be above $2.6m based on current sales in the area, or...
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