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Missing the Rent or maybe the house.

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  • Missing the Rent or maybe the house.

    Landlord's house vanishes - just as rent is due

    A MALAYSIAN landlord was shocked to find his double-storey wooden house missing when he went to collect rent, local daily The Star reports.

    Zuria Ali, 30, said he was greeted by the sight of scattered wood, a damaged television set and twenty-four concrete pillar holders when he went to the site of his house in Malaysia's northern Perlis state bordering Thailand.
    "I had heard that my house had vanished and was curious to find out the truth," Mr Zuria
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    Tenants Steal House!

    I see that Viking beat me to this story.
    Both in the same thread, now.
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    Landlord Visits House To Collect Rent, Finds House Has Gone
    A Malaysian landlord received a rather unpleasant surprise when he
    went to collect rent from some tenants and found his property had
    disappeared. All that remained of Zuria Ali's house, which he had
    inherited from his parents, were 24 concrete pillar holders, a smashed
    TV and pieces of broken wood.

    The main structure of the house, including its walls, had disappeared,
    along with items like cutlery, cupboards, a dining table and a fridge,
    Malaysian newspaper The Star reported. Police confirmed they have
    received a report of a 'missing' property.

    'I had heard that my house had vanished and was curious to find
    out the truth,' Mr Ali said. One neighbour told the news provider
    the dwelling had been missing since the beginning of last month.
    'I thought the three were carrying out the dismantling work on
    instructions from the landlord. I did not suspect anything until he
    [Zuria] asked me about it,' he said.

    Film director Guy Richie also recently found himself in a rather
    bizarre property crisis, after a group of squatters moved into his
    £6 million London mansion while it was being renovated. At least
    12 people are thought to have moved into the property and were
    planning on turning it into a school.
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      Hard to believe


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        Well, I've seen stripped houses and wrecked houses but not ever no house. There is always a first time for everything. BUT I hope not.!