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101 reasons to go to the next PropertyTalk event near you

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  • 101 reasons to go to the next PropertyTalk event near you

    In December (I think) last year I finally got off my arse and went to my first PT event / meet. Including today's one with Dean I've now attanded 4 and it gets better and better every time.

    Here's a few great reasons everyone out there should get involved (ok, so there's not really 101, but I reckon there would be if everyone else put theirs in too):
    • You get to meet high flyers like Dean Letfus for free
    • It costs you a bit of time, a coffee, or maybe a dinner. You get a hell of a lot more in return
    • You get to meet a lot of people who are doing the same as you or struggling with the same issues as you. What better opportunity to pick up new ideas or just get the support and reassuarance you are doing the right thing
    • It's free
    • You can almost guarantee to meet someone new and learn something new every time
    • It's free
    • You can get a lot more in a short time by talking to other people than by sitting here in front of the computer
    • It's free
    • You can help others. Everyone has different areas of knowledge and speciality. Share yours to help other people learn
    • Did I mention it's free?
    If you are like me and it takes a while to build up momentum towards your goals then get out there and talk to other supportive people about it. It really does make a difference.


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    Awesome Gerrard.
    Wellywood puts on some great meetings I hear


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      PT Meetings

      Absolutely agree Gerrard!!

      Great to catch up with you again yesterday too.

      Working on IP's can be quite lonely, especially if you're not working in the MAIN centres. Getting together with other PTers is a good "kick up the pants" to get one re-invigorated. It's amazing how just talking to people who have the same(ish) mind-set as you, can do this.

      If you are lucky enough to get ppl like Dean along, a five minute conversation or tip, can really adjust your mind set.

      You get to give/take encouragement, from the other PT-ers.

      The coffees are pretty good too!

      Looking forward to Dean's Trading day on the 23rd!!
      Patience is a virtue.


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        Hear Hear...

        Now who wants to join my London based event......??



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          I totally agree Gerrard & Essence. As a total newbie to the world of property I have learnt a lot from attending the PT Mtgs. Each time I walk away with a bit more knowledge making me that bit more confident.
          Thanks to everyone who attends and shares their thoughts, projects, experience.


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            You get to put a face to the name - and its surprising how many differ from the mental image that their writing portrays!

            You get to hear first hand about some of the deals just done and in progress - truly inspiring.

            Donna supplies the freebies

            You get to discuss the behaviour of some people and organisations without starting a flame war!

            The odd bit of juicy gossip!



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              Donna supplies the freebies
              Roll on Christmas!


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                Originally posted by cube View Post
                You get to hear first hand about some of the deals just done and in progress - truly inspiring.
                This was the thing that blew me away at my first session.
                Experienced investors casually discussing deals and opportunities which were so different from the 'non-investor' world.
                It's a whole move in mindset that you get from meeting investors.
                Invaluable. And you can't get it from a book.


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                  Yep I remember attending a lunch with josko and others about 2 years ago in Auckland. it was like " So there are other people who love property in this country". Long may they continue!!


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                    Yep I remember attending a lunch with josko and others about 2 years ago in Auckland.
                    Yeah, I think that was Sunnytown Chinese Restaurant where Dean was succumbed by the fried jellyfish and there was an argument about who was going to get the last braised chickens foot.


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                      Wow was it that long ago, that it makes me think I haven't done enough as it is, apart from the number crunching at a venue I did not want to attend at, we haven't had a get together for awhile in Auckland how about it Propoholic, should we get a coffee, lunch, or dinner organised? Maybe next month, haven't had a game either this year how about it Steve.

                      Well done to Wellington for holding regular catch ups.


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                        Hey ivi,

                        We had one at Sylvia Park not that long ago - where were you?



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                          Oh shoot, forgot about that one I think it was because you wore attending that one so I didn't want to go. Just kidding, the family had a big Easter lunch on, so couldn't get to that one. Still..... looking forward to the next one.


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                            Yep - PT events rock. It is so upllifting!

                            Only problem is I might get fired one day - as 'I'm just going to get a coffee' and arriving back 2 hours later may wear a little thin after a while...

                            But then... how bad would that be... :-)


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                              Looks like we might have to organise another Auckland event soon.
                              Lets keep the momentum rolling