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Shoddy Work On New Build Causes Leaks

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  • Shoddy Work On New Build Causes Leaks

    Hi All,

    Reading an article like this one on Stuff makes you wonder what you need to do to ensure you get what you deserve - a quality build.

    I know when our property was rebuilt - I was very much hands-on. For example, we have cedar cladding and when it turned up on site I inspected it and I didn't like the big knots - many had deteriorated and I told the builder to send every board back that had them and get replacements. While it would not have compromised water tightness - it wasn't what I wanted. I am glad I did it - as we get a lot of compliments for the quality of our cedar.

    There's a lot of arrogance in the industry IMHO and as the client, you have to push back on most comments you get when you raise concerns and requirements. You're the one paying and the one living with the result. If you're not able to do inspections and ask the right questions - get an independent third party to do it for you. Hint - get someone that's not mates with the builders and tradies. No one has to accept shoddy workmanship - ever.

    With this homeowner - I wonder how the parts that leak was signed off?

    By the time ply had been put around the walls, there was water damage around the lounge window and all down the side of the ply,” he said.

    Finally moving into a newly built, specially designed dream home should be exciting, but for Brett Ladbrook, it’s caused endless stress and sleepless nights.
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