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Buying next-door to a polytechnic / getting built out

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  • Buying next-door to a polytechnic / getting built out

    Hi all

    We are looking for a new home and have found one which ticks all of our boxes. It is next door to a polytechnic which means the street is busier during the week, but that in itself doesn't cause us any concerns and there is plenty of off-street parking. The part of the polytechnic that boarders the property is single level and doesn't block sun or impeach on privacy.

    However, the concern I have is that there is another building further into the polytechnic grounds which is high rise. And if the single level part of the polytechnic which is next door to the house was developed into a similar multi level building it would have a significant impact on the privacy, sun and value of the house we are looking at.

    I'm planning on speaking to the council to try and get some information about what protection we have against this happening. But are there any further thoughts people have that we should think about and/or consider? Would you be completely put off by a situation like this?


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    I live near Victoria University campus. The uni wanted to erect two large accommodation blocks on site for around 400 students. So not minor. The district plan allows the uni to build within existing boundaries with few restrictions so neighbours had no say. The uni did hold a couple of meetings for neighbours and some objected strenuously, but the project went ahead anyway.

    So the district plan would be a starting point but in any case plans change .....