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  • Ird

    Hi Guys

    Some pertinent points from my account to consider.

    1. Keep good records and systems.
    2. Don’t get personal.
    3. Don’t communicate verbally with the Inland Revenue, no matter how tempting or easier this may seem.
    Use us (your tax agent) to communicate with the IRD on all tax matters.
    4. Lessen your chances of audit by filing all returns when due, paying all taxes when they fall due or entering
    into an arrangement if you are unable to do so.
    5. Finally as unpalatable as it may seem, you need to accept that IRD audits are a part of business life and are
    more likely to occur. Be prepared.
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  • #2
    Although it's implicit, I'd add to No. 3, the following:

    If IRD do contact you by telephone, ask them to put
    the matter in writing and send it to your tax agent.
    Neither admit nor agree to anything.
    OK, a spelling mistake, an address change, typos and
    like would be an exception.
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