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  • Commercial Lease rates for different size units in same blockbra

    I am leasing a unit in a commercial retail block. There is a double unit (385m2) that is on a new lease at $409 per m2. My unit is half the size 192m2. I think it should be more expensive per m2 but by how much?...
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  • Best way to "lease" out a section with services on it ????

    My sister has a property query

    So we have this section with a container, portaloo, outdoor shower, power and water. A person wants to rent it/use it every weekend over summer and every school holidays for children's holidays.

    She will put two caravans on it, takeover the...
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  • Malcolm1
    started a topic Rent Review

    Rent Review

    Hi, we performed a rent review back in September 2018, which increased the rent vs the original lease document, do you have perform a Deed of Rent Review through your lawyer or can you adjust the original lease document and have the tenant sign this amendment,interested in your thoughts? The tenants...
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  • Mei
    started a topic How to renew commercial lease

    How to renew commercial lease

    The lease is due on 1st of May this year. According to the contract, tenant has the rights of 2 renewal of 2 years. I have emailed the tenant about lease renew, the tenant emailed back saying they would like to continue the lease. My question is what needs to be done to renew the lease? Can we use...
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  • AM118
    started a topic Taking on a tenancy - strange case

    Taking on a tenancy - strange case

    I am currently in a flat where no one is on the lease and hasn't been for a number of years (due to change of flatmates and landlord not following up). However we currently have a flatmate we want to get rid of but obviously have no power to do so legally so I was thinking of going on le...
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  • Selling house via lease option/rent to buy

    We have a house in Tauranga that we are looking to sell.

    We are considering selling rent to buy but there is little information surrounding it. How do we find out more about it? Who do we talk to?
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  • Davo36
    started a topic Premises Condition Report

    Premises Condition Report

    Hi guys,

    I've got a corporate type tenant looking at a property and they want a comprehensive "Premises Condition Report".

    Who do I get to do one of these?

    South Auckland area.
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  • Landord wants fixed term, tenant wants periodic - what can happen?

    We are approaching a stalemate where the landlord prefers a fixed-term extension to the current fixed-term lease but the tenant would prefer periodic.

    A couple of questions:
    1. The guideline suggests that either party can advise that the tenancy will end on the expiration date up to 21
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  • Warehouse landlord says he was bullied by company

    Warehouse landlord says he was bullied by company

    The Warehouse's Kaikohe landlord was bullied into signing a lease on the company's terms after it threatened to close the store, he says.

    The Warehouse announced last night it was closing, blaming the landlord, but said this morning it...
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  • Murph
    started a topic 6 Year lease

    6 Year lease

    Hi All,

    Im looking at a commercial lease for our company and the owner through his agent is adamant on it being a 6 year lease.

    Im a complete newbie with Commercial but is this normal?

    Thought maybe a 2 by 2 or a 3 by 3 year term with right to renew would be more...
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  • SPerfect
    started a topic Renewing a Residential Lease

    Renewing a Residential Lease

    Hi, trying to find out when renewing a residential lease of 1yr:
    1. how much notice do you have to give if you want to increase the rent? and
    2. at what point do you give the notice ie so many days before lease expires or after the lease has expired?

    Couldn't find the info on...
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  • Messy Tenant Who Won't Comply With Terms of Lease.

    Ive got a retail tenant in my property at Papakura.

    Not long after he started the tenancy, he moved a couple of car wrecks into the ground level car park. This was about April 2017.

    I have asked him to move them. He has continually said they are going, won't be long now....
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  • Expected Commercial Net Yield in Auckland

    New to commercial property, need some advise.

    I am looking at a commercial property, offering 5.5% net yield. It is a freehold unit managed by a body corporate. So far, it has never suffer a day of vacancy since day one. The area enjoy high traffic and good in demand. The tenant has just...
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  • Davo36
    started a topic Ratchet Clause - Hard vs Soft

    Ratchet Clause - Hard vs Soft

    Hi guys, was reading a valuation report for a property today and it says (under the part about leases) that the ratchet clause for one of the leases is 'soft'.

    I'm not sure I remember this correctly. But is a 'soft' ratchet clause the case when the rent can't go down below what it was...
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  • cb14
    started a topic Break cost

    Break cost

    Hi All, my commercial lease tenants want to break their lease. There is another 2.5 years to run on the lease. Is there a standard 'break cost' that is used? I expect the tenant to pay legal costs and real estate fees, but what about a break cost for my time & hassle?
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