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Best way to "lease" out a section with services on it ????

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  • Best way to "lease" out a section with services on it ????

    My sister has a property query

    So we have this section with a container, portaloo, outdoor shower, power and water. A person wants to rent it/use it every weekend over summer and every school holidays for children's holidays.

    She will put two caravans on it, takeover the power and we will charge her a monthly fee.

    Do you have a rental agreement forthat, shall we make our own, what are your thoughts...

    Since we won't use it ourselves, itseems a great option for someone else to use it and she can't really wreckanything..

    I have suggested to definitely not do a rental agreement as it will then fall under residential tenancies act and open herself up to potential problems.

    Is their a simple way to do this as a lease agreement, anyone got access to standard forms for this kind of thing ????
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    Licence to occupy ?


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      Find out what a camping ground site occupation agreement looks like.

      Electricity supply - hhmmmmm. Not sure about that.

      Ponder the GST implications.


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        I think its a pretty cheap fee, to just have someone look after it, as owners are moving from south island to north island.
        So will fall under the GST minimum, I think.
        Maybe just a simple lease written up, by themselves, using one of these templates as a starting point.



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          My parents did something like this. The woman (whom they treated really well) turned around at the end of it and said: "It's a residential tenancy as I sleep here and I'm not leaving" Months later they got her out but she left shed fulls of crap on the place. Cost $12k to remove her and her temporary buildings and rubbish.
          Squadly dinky do!


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            Damn those nasty, thoughtless, ill-feeling rapacious LLs.


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              There are a couple of odd set ups in Kapiti - I pass a beach front section with a couple of 'tiny homes' on it but they're not fixed so I guess they're moveable and fly under the usual compliance etc. Maybe we'll see more of this - as a way to get around the tenancies rules etc. No need to claim GST either as under the threshold - so ROI would be pretty good if section cost $300K and you're getting min. $350 a week (min) for the two abodes why go to the effort of building a house on the section and it cost you $000s?

              It's essentially an investor's very own trailer park!


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