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  • donna
    started a topic Brexit - no extension, no deal

    Brexit - no extension, no deal

    It is looking likely the UK will Brexit without a deal as many EU members are saying they're ready for the 'no deal exit'. The absolute chaos that will follow this historic event will be mind-blowing.

    What will this mean for NZ - more British wanting out and relocating to NZ?
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  • MacG
    started a topic Unit title extension?

    Unit title extension?

    I'm hoping someone has some information on unit titles.

    We have a 1970's townhouse in a until title structure, it is 1 of 3 (total land 1100 sqm) and we have added a minor dwelling on to our own 673sqm title 3 years ago with the other owners agreement. The owner of the Unit 1 is detached...
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  • nicko54
    started a topic building loan to extend...

    building loan to extend...

    Hi all,

    I am looking at buying a rental property but have realised if I do this I will have no equity left to extend my current house.

    Has anyone ever got a loan based on the future value of a house after an extension? are these feasible as an option?

    Any t...
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  • fisherking
    started a topic Covenant- Minor Dwelling

    Covenant- Minor Dwelling

    Hi There, Need your valuable assistance,
    Below is my property covenant,

    b) That he will only erect or place or permit to be erected or placed on the property
    Single dwelling house having a closed in floor area of not less than 115 Sqm (exclusive of basement, carport...
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  • To join or separate 25 yr-old extension

    Hi all,

    My wife and I just purchased our first house (1954 3brm) and it came with a very out of the ordinary extension to the original home. The foundations are connected and walls are connected, but roofs are separated by a very poor attempt at an internal gutter between the eves (all...
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    Last edited by nlxon; 15-04-2015, 12:59 PM.

  • ithink
    started a topic Adding a storey to a house

    Adding a storey to a house

    Hello Property Renovation experts,

    We are thinking about adding a storey (2 bedrooms, one of them with ensuite bathroom) to an existing 3brm single storey house built in the 1940's/early 50's.

    Please could you advise about:

    1. The process that builders would follow...
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  • Adding a flat to house in Wellington for second income

    Anyone have experience in extending a house to add another tenancy in Wellington?

    Our property has land at the front and back of the house. There would be enough land to have the back yard as outdoor space for the existing house and the front yard for a semidetached flat with outdoor...
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