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  • AKL1990
    started a topic How can we live off the equity?

    How can we live off the equity?

    Can we live off the equity?
    My wife and I have investment properties with a mortgage of $3.5 million. Total value of all properties is around $7 million based on 2017 CV. Market valuation would be close to $10 million. The gross annual rental income is around $210K. We pay P+I for investment properties....
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  • Thinking out of the box for cashflow

    Looking back through old books, articles and posts, it seems 10 years ago all one had to do for yield was buy a property in a main centre, a bit run down and then do a renovation and build a fence perhaps to get good yields.

    Now however, I'm having to resort to going to the likes of Owhata,...
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  • Have you considered the USA

    I see this forum is largely focussed on New Zealand real estate but we seem to have a lot of you guys buying in the USA and here in Memphis.
    So I am interested in knowing why you would invest so far away from home, (or why you wouldn't), and what are your biggest concerns about investing inte...
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  • yesindeed
    started a topic Capital Gains vs Cashflow

    Capital Gains vs Cashflow

    I am a novice in property investment and educating myself. I keep hearing the discussions about capital gains vs cashflow.

    Are they mutually exclusive (generally speaking)?

    I keep hearing "for capital gains...buy land.. buy houses on sections and not units / apartments"...
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