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Financial Crisis Hit Japan!

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  • Financial Crisis Hit Japan!

    Following the demise of Northern Rock, Lehman Brothers, HBOS and the
    Bradford and Bingley, the banking crisis has hit Japan.

    In the past three days, the Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone
    belly up and the Bonsai Bank has decided to cut some of its branches.

    Yesterday, it was announced that the Karaoke Bank is to be sold and is
    likely to go for a song while, today, Kamikaze Bank shares were
    suspended after they nose-dived.

    Samurai Bank has announced that it will soldier on but deep cuts are
    expected and Ninja Bank says it has taken a big hit but remains in the

    500 staff at the Karate Bank will get the chop and analysts report
    something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where investors are expecting a
    raw deal.

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    You'll have one of those Ninjas after you if you are not careful.
    or a currency trader - who rushes to the trading screen & dumps all his yen before he reads the post properly. (Which I was about to do before I remembered your reputation)

    A clever post but in rather bad taste with all the real losses people are taking right now !
    Last edited by Keithw; 07-10-2008, 11:01 PM.


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      Hi Keithw

      Not sure whether you're being serious or not??!!

      Cube's post is in the FORUM FUNNIES section, which should give u a good indication of it's seriousness!!

      Hey Cube, funny post!!
      Patience is a virtue.


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        Am I being serious ?

        When I looked further I noted it was in the funnies, but when I first saw it it was under New Posts (I didn't notice the category).

        This is a very volatile time with the credit crunch, and I guess I might be a bit jumpy, but as soon as I saw the title and did a quick skim read, I immediately went to the trading platform.

        With things bouncing up & down in seconds at the moment, there is huge money being made & lost based on any statement that may even remotely be seen as influencing what happens on the markets.

        As I said, a clever post, but a potentially dangerous one.


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          Originally posted by Keithw View Post
          This is a very volatile time with the credit crunch, and I guess I might be a bit jumpy...
          I hope you work on the ground floor.



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            anyone who makes financial decisions based on ONE post on a site like this deserves to make a big mistake. situation or no situation.

            Sorry Keith - if you did lose money i feel for you.
            two ears and just one mouth.. for good reason.


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              i just nipped in to buy some toyota shares

              have been wanting some for the last few years but they had climbed to around 6750yen and i was kicking myself that i hadn't followed through when i first thought of it and they were 3500yen per share

              at close on friday they were 3200yen so i decided to buy some today, but the time i could close it they were 3740. hoping they go back up to 5000 soonish;o)
              have you defeated them?
              your demons


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                Macqarie Bank is looking pretty cheap at $35.61


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                  Previous Close . $31.75
                  52 week high $87.31
                  52 week low $25.98
                  P/E Ratio5.35
                  Market Capital$8,922 million

                  Nice numbers for Macquarie Bank


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                    macquarie have been deep deep deep into creative ways to make money.....

                    where as toyota have been doing the very simple thing of making cars well

                    time will tell how they stack up against each other
                    have you defeated them?
                    your demons


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                      Cube...absolutely hilarious! Put a huge smile on my face this morning. Surprised to see someone take this seriously??? In tough times you need some humour floating around to take the edge off - keep it coming!


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                        Hey maybe as members we can add to your little funny. Here's my sentence.....'Harikari Finance Group has gone into voluntary liquidation today with the CEO confirming the company had chosen to fall on their sword honourably now rather than carryon this downward spiral.' .....well not as good as yours I admit but a start aye :-)
                        There's some obvious ones out there involving going up in smoke or a cloud of dust but I'm not that brave or insensitive.