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'Room by room' bonds.

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  • 'Room by room' bonds.

    Does anyone have any experience here with room by room rentals, and if so how do they handle the bonds?

    Would it be feasible/legal to just to set up the tenancy as a week by week agreement (i.e. 1 weeks notice by either party) and only take a smaller bond equal to one weeks worth or even say $200, but not lodge it with DBH.

    Would I be allowed to do this?.....even if the tenants would be happy with this arrangement?

    I'm sure I read (somewhere....RTA?) that with a boarding house situation you could do this, but not sure whether you could do the same with 'room by room'.

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    PM Superdad. He has a room by room rental in Hamilton.
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      Originally posted by muppet View Post
      PM Superdad. He has a room by room rental in Hamilton.
      Cheers muppet, although I thought he was running more of a boarding house.
      Thanks anyway


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        I've decided to just charge a standard $200 bond per room (regardless of whether its a single or double occupancy) at this stage with a weeks notice by either party, and see how it works from there.


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          Interesting question glen.

          I will be interested in the outcome. RBR as pointed out to me by Clark Kent are not common in the Auckland market however I am sure they could be.

          Are there any Aucklanders doing RBR?