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*Members Only* APIA Webinar - How to set your rent?

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  • *Members Only* APIA Webinar - How to set your rent?


    Date: 18-Jan-2018
    Capacity: 100 (55% booked)

    Livestream from 7 pm

    Post-stream replay available
    Webinar presentation by Peter Lewis, APIA

    Setting the right amount of rent is an important component of a successful rental portfolio. Too little rent will hinder your growth and make your investments unnecessarily stressful; too much rent will scare away good tenants and end up costing you in the long run. This webinar is designed to help you find that rent sweet-spot that not only maximises your returns but also ensure you reap long-term benefits from your rentals.
    Talking points will include:
    • What is the market rent of your property;
    • What variables, that are either specific to your property or personal to you, should be considered when setting rent;
    • Should you be open to rent-negotiation and what consequences should you anticipate;
    • How often should you review rents;
    • How to increase rents without losing good tenants

    Suitable for long-term investors at all experience levels.

    Enrollment link: