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  • Auckland subdivision

    Hi all,

    We are just looking at purchasing a home with a large subdividable section off the back. We are now in final stages of due diligence and wanted to know some costs around subdividing in Auckland and how to figure out whether it is do-able or not.

    The rear site is flat, with storm and waste water connections on it already. It is full fenced with driveway access down side of front house. Small overland path through it at very rear of site. Would end up 400sqm front section and 700sqm rear. Zoned mixed housing suburban.

    My questions:
    1) what types of costs are involved? We have recently completed a subdivision in the far north that cost us $50k because we did most things ourselves. Keen to know what we need to think of in Auckland.
    2) experiences with unitary plan or anything I should check around zoning.
    3) recommendations for keeping costs low, and reliable suppliers/ contractors to use
    4) Anything else I should check before unconditional

    Cheers, Nikki

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    Assume minimum 150K, as services are already on site you may get under that it depends on whether council still require contributions.


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      In the unitary plan, if you are subdividing a mixed housing suburban housing site with no developed design plans for a house on the site, the min. site size is 400sqm net. If you do the developed design plans, there is no min. site requirements i.e. you can put on as many houses as you like, provided you can meet all the other rules - side and front yards, height to boundaries, max. height, permeable and impermeable surfaces etc. - the text in the unitary plan should clarify these things in detail.

      Also check the flood zone on the property. Might be worth going into council for a chat and find out what your options are.


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        Be very careful of overland flow paths.
        Council has changed its tune since the unitary plan re building in or very close to flood plains.
        If it's in the old auckland zone it may be easier than if it's in the manukau zone. They make different interpretations.
        Good luck.


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          Hi Nikki,

          Have you considered tax? If you buy with the intention of subdividing and selling the section, there will be tax to consider!

          There are some great exemptions for personal homes, but I would still suggest you obtain expert advice around your options.

          Book a free chat here
          Ross Barnett - Property Accountant


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            Would tax be an implication of you had the house already (say for 10 years) and now want to subdivide? Its a tricky area this...
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              Why don;t you engage a local surveying company to provide you a no obligation quote? They will usually itemise the costs which will give you an indication if you have missed anything or underestimated an item cost.


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                I would definitely recommend you visit Matthew Gilligan of Gilligan Rowe in Newmarket for an appointment and assessment, he's a subdivisionn guru and will also advise on tax and accounting.


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                  I am in the process of subdividing a property in New Lynn Auckland and the estimated cost is about 220K. The cost is up mainly as we have to do build a new storm water and water connection.


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                    make sale conditional on a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) from council agreeing that you can indeed subdivide and what is required