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  • "SIGN " Of the times

    Ok who was the _______ who nicked my mates " unit for sale " sign from Lake Road Takapuna ? Funny story this guy has a 2 bed unit for sale as a trade and I have been on at him to put up a sign for the last two weeks while renovating.He txt me last night and said he had put the sign up and within 24 hours ( I thought he had sold it ) some sod had nicked it.

    I know times are tight but if you borrowed it put it back and all is forgiven - surley the good folks of Takapuna wouldnt have stolen it ??

    This sort of thing we expect in Manurewa when we put our signs up !!!

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    "Sign of the school holidays" I'd say. Like the time our letter box got chucked into the skip when we were building.


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      Advise mate to take a small step ladder and put signs higher than can be reached from the ground without assistance?

      Possibly a dis-gruntled occupier of the units?


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        i wish my sign had been stolen, instead the w-----ks broke into the garage, smashed the toilet to smithereens, then ripped out about $2.50 of copper pipe. section flooded out with water. but no major damage!!!