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  • More Retaining Wall Stuff

    Sorry If all this has already been asked before, but I couldn't find anything which covers off my questions.
    I have tried contacted ACC and was told they are too busy trying to recover from Covid backlog,
    and they couldn't even put me through to someone to ask questions !!!!
    So I have spent over an hour on the phone , 4 phone calls, last one I was told that someone would call me back then I got an email saying
    Where too busy, "Your complaint will therefore be lodged for our records then closed"

    So ...
    Rural Residential Area
    My neighbour has made a retaining wall that is touching our boundary.
    No permission either verbal or written has been given.
    Its is made from those "temporary" blocks used to create bins on garden centres for bark etc:
    They are about 1000x600x600 and weigh 1 ton ea
    It varies in height from 2 to 4 blocks high (1200 to 2400) and is backfilled with earth up to 3 high (1800)
    The blocks are literally sitting on top of each other , not tied together in any way or retained back into the earth fill and were placed on clay.
    There is no scorier behind them for drainage.
    Their intention is to use the backfilled part as a driveway.
    I have asked him if the blocks are tied together and he said "they weigh a ton each there not going anywhere"

    Council say no permit has been applied for or issued.
    I was under the impression , it needed to be engineered (being over 1.5m) and had to be 2m from a boundary.
    I was also under the impression anything that has to support a vehicle must be engineered / Consented / etc:

    Anyone got any ideas ?


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    I know in Auckland urban if there is a plan to place heavy vehicles on the retained part, their is usually an engineering specs requirement. However it varies from Council to council. Is it possible under rural settings the rules might be a little more relaxed?


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      there is provision in schedule 1 for exemption (from building consent) in rural area for engineered retaining wall up to 3.0 m. Despite your concerns it sounds like a gravity wall and it is structurally sound?