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  • Subdivide/build then sell or sell to developer?


    We have a property that we can subdivide and put 2 new houses on. We were recently approached by a developer who has purchased the adjacent houses and have expressed interest in buying our house to develop all the land as a block. Our land is big enough to accommodate more houses, but...
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  • lewisg
    started a topic Cross lease: Lessee approval to build

    Cross lease: Lessee approval to build

    Good evening.

    We own an empty cross lease section; our neighbhours have an established house.

    Is there a standard "permission to build" agreement we can use to enable us to build, or do we need a lawyer to draft one?

    Our neighbhour is happy for us to...
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  • Anthonyacat
    started a topic Tiny mobile house/room

    Tiny mobile house/room

    A client has recently asked me about a new purchase of theirs, an odd shaped property with significant backyard space that the tenants aren't maintaining and don't really want. He would like to put one or two 'mobile tiny houses' on the back - effectively trailers or caravans, but they look like a cabin....
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  • Curious
    started a topic Do I have to subdivide to build?

    Do I have to subdivide to build?

    I've got a rental with 900m2 section where the house is on one side and the other side is a vacant backyard. I want to do "something" with the spare land. It's in Auckland Mixed Urban zone, big enough driveway, etc.
    I haven't subdivided or built before and I'm still confused with all...
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  • TC3 Insurance Pre-approval, Required To Obtain A Build Loan!

    I am wanting to obtain a build loan for a house to be constructed on vacant TC3 land. The land is yet to be purchased as I am having trouble finding an insurer that can provide a letter pre-approving insurance for a house to be constructed on TC3 land.

    Is there anyone who has or knows of...
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  • J-Wellington
    started a topic Designing a new kitchen

    Designing a new kitchen

    Hi all, I am currently looking at designing my new 'U' shaped kitchen, any tips or advice for a novice? And any recommendations for places to go (in Wellington)? I have spent some time with a guy from Placemakers but want to keep options open (low-med cost budget).

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  • 3 Options! Sell as is? Build and sell? Build-Buy-Hold?

    Hi PT People,

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for sharing your knowledge and goodwill.

    We have 3 options on our property project. We want to decide on one option and move ahead asap. We do understand that as this is our project we are responsible for what we do!...
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  • GST on new house on Lifestyle block

    Hi there

    We have purchased a lifestyle block and registered for GST so as to be able to re-claim it, and because eventually we would like to make a (small!) profit from it.

    We are building a house and part of the house - about 6 sq. m and half of the garage - about 17 sq...
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  • Why buy crap, when you can get quality

    Hi All,

    I am planning to build my investment property portfolio like many of you reading this post. Recently I am thinking of bringing like minded people on board, buy land and hire builder/contractor to build apartments. We all know buying existing or off the plan apartments will cost...
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