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  • crashy
    started a topic Bond history

    Bond history

    I seem to recall that if a tenant lost their bond it went onto some kind of record that could be viewed by other landlords?
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  • Tenancy Services misstating bond lodgement dates

    Bond received day 1.
    Bond final payment calculated as 23 working days later.
    Bond paid on day 22 with bank receipts.
    Tenant applies to tribunal on day 23.
    Tenancy tribunal issues receipt on day 27 saying cheque received on day 26.
    So according to tenancy services, I have...
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  • Do tenants have to pay any money before moving in?

    According to tenancy services, the answer is no.
    Furthermore, if you demand payment before handing over the keys, you are breaking the law.

    Ladies and gents, our legal system!
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  • Thoughts on this 8.85% 5-Year Property Bond?

    I've just found this opportunity on a new fundraising platform that offers 8.85%pa for 5 years, backed by property.I'm new to property investing and was wondering if anyone with a bit more experience could tell me whether or not this is a good deal because it looks quite attractive to me.Thanks in advance.Cheers,...
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  • crashy
    started a topic Where does WINZ bond go?

    Where does WINZ bond go?

    Tenant is on WINZ. WINZ paid bond and 2 weeks rent directly to us. WINZ states that the bond is not returnable. So where does it go at the end of the tenancy? Tenant wants a signed bond form, but she didn't actually pay it. Why would WINZ need one? They know they paid. If the tenant gets the bond at...
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  • bond question - head tenant + flatmates situation

    Hi everyone

    I bought a house recently. It came with tenants, but only one (let's call him John) has signed the tenancy agreement. But several of them paid bond when they moved in years ago. The vendors had been living in the house, so the tenants were their flatmates, so the vendors never...
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  • flyernzl
    started a topic Another Dreamer

    Another Dreamer

    "Tenants will become customers and landlords "housing providers" under a new model of renting proposed by an investment fund.
    Haven Funds has been founded to invest in residential property, with a view to letting it long-term. It is open to wholesale investors, whose money will...
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  • WINZ automatic payment setup time

    In your experience how long is it taking WINZ to get organised with automatic rent payments ?
    They paid up for the bond and first weeks rent, but I'm pretty sure that would have been a manual payment.

    They (WINZ) have now failed to pay two weeks rent.
    Tenant claims to have seen...
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  • Transient
    started a topic Tenant won't move out OR in!

    Tenant won't move out OR in!

    I currently have a property due to settle on the 21st of Feb. We specified vacant possession but would now like to keep the current tennant on as he has lived in the place for 23 years, looked after it well and knows the few ins and outs with the place. However he was paying $250/week rent and market...
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  • jkc
    started a topic Help. We didnt lodge the lodge the bond

    Help. We didnt lodge the lodge the bond

    Hi. Please help. We are first time landlords and overlooked lodging the bond with the tenancy tribunal. Yes i know, serious issue. We are 8 months into the tenancy and need to forward this to the TT but the fine is more than the bond amount. The tenant has 2 dogs that were locked inside so they have...
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  • Sharon
    started a topic Bond finance

    Bond finance

    Saw an advert for a firm called Move Smart offering tenant finance for raising a bond and payment of letting fees.Appears the tenant takes out a loan and the money is paid directly to a pre registered Landlord. Appears to be different from the Bond Assist insuarance based scheme.
    Would be interested...
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  • NZHERALD - Fake landlords trick renters in flat fraud


    Just heads up for Property Managers and Renters to watch out for this fraud ring:

    Taken from the NZ Herald:

    Auckland police investigating an alleged property fraud ring are seeking this man as part of their inquiry.

    Detectives from the Auckland...
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  • Soho dodgy carpet.... Something smells fishy

    I am a tenant living in the Soho apartments in Wellington. I had to move out two months ago but still kept paying rent as I was on a fixed term contract. Unfortunately my flatmate spilled some washing powder on the carpet while i was not there and it has created a small light brown stain, there is also...
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  • Scorpion
    started a topic Flatmate might hold bond..

    Flatmate might hold bond..

    Hi all

    I'm in a house at the moment, renting a room - as a flatmate.

    Bit of background first:

    When I shifted in, there was a verbal agreement, no written agreement at all. It was said I would pay a fixed price to cover: room, phone, gas, power, internet and things...
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  • Legality of paying bond for commercial lease

    Hi there,

    Is it legal for the Landlord to ask for 2 months bond which will be held by the Landlord until the end of commercial lease? Apparently, the Landlord claimed that he is not satisfied with the Guarantor of the Tenant because there are no properties held in New Zealand. Eventhough...
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