house fire

How To Reduce The Risk Of A Fire In Your Home

It’s easy to dismiss fire risks and assume that you’ll be fine. After all, this is just one of those things that just happens to other people, right? Wrong. Fire risks are real and if you don’t know the risks and potential fire hazards lurking in your home, you’ll put yourself and your family at […]

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custom made home

Why A Custom Home Might Just Be Your Dream House

Home builds have been quite popular for some time now with about 1 in 5 homes constructed, a custom home (Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, 2016). The number of custom homes varies across states with New England and East Central North Divisions registering a high of 39% while the Middle Atlantic Division, 32%. Home building […]

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Business Leases And Negotiating An Early Exit

Companies don’t buy office space, so a lease is a perfect compromise. It allows the firm to grow and expand while looking professional. That’s great, but not everything goes to plan. As a rookie, you may realise that the terms (cost) of the agreement aren’t beneficial. Or, it may just be that new property in […]

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Issues Preventing Millennials From Getting On The Housing Ladder

While research suggests that more young people get making their way onto the housing ladder than at any point in the past, there are still many stumbling blocks that prevent millennials from obtaining their dream home. With that in mind, some of the most prominent problems get a mention in this post. There is also […]

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apartment sky

3 Different Types of Home That You Can Buy

When it comes to buying a home, there are a lot of choices. Different choices will be more suited towards different people at different points in their lives. With that in mind, here are three types of home that you can buy. Apartment You will generally want to buy an apartment if you are living […]

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home vases

4 Tips for Managing an HUD Home

As the landlord of an HUD property you’ll face all of the same responsibilities that a typical property owner would encounter in regards to ongoing maintenance. However, homeowners who choose to participate in the HUD program need to be especially careful about maintaining the safety of their rental properties in order to stay eligible as […]

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house by sea

5 Tips For Investing In A Home By The Sea

Coastal properties can be great investments – providing you buy the right kind of property. Whether you’re buying to flip, hoping to make money out of a holiday home or buying a seaside property to move into yourself, these five tips can ensure that your coastal property investment plans go swimmingly. Search for upcoming areas […]

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Using Your Outdoor Space to Add Value to Your Property

Many people assume that the best way to raise the property value of their house is to focus solely on the rooms indoors. It makes sense if that is where they spend the majority of their time, but whether or not you have a great outdoor space can be the make or break for potential […]

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