adverse possession

Homeowners Beware Of Adverse Possession

What is adverse possession? Essentially, it’s when someone takes over a property without permission from the owner. Eventually, this can lead to them taking ownership of the property for themselves and claiming the legal right to the land. Legally this is possible, but it’s not quite as simple as moving into a home that has […]

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roof garden

The Future of Mixed Use Development In Urban Areas

Mixed use development is essentially a way to use one piece of land for a variety of different projects or development classes. For instance, a building may contain a shopping centre on the bottom floor and on the next, hotel rooms. There might also be entertainment venues on another part of the land or even […]

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Construction Industry Must Modernise

A severe skills shortage in the home building industry in the UK and elsewhere around the world could be a huge opportunity for innovative start ups. Telegraph reports the construction industry in the UK needs 400,000 workers a year for the next five years to meet the demand for new homes and that would require […]

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