The Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist Every Homeowner Needs

Performing regular home maintenance is of the utmost importance as a homeowner in order to avoid much larger issues down the road. Have you ever been stuck in a bind with a home issue that could have been avoided if you performed regular maintenance? Thankfully, you can now rest easy as we have compiled an […]

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by a condo by the sea

5 Reasons Why You Should Move to the Coast

Moving to the coast doesn’t always have to be a dream—it can become your reality. Many individuals think the idea of moving to their favorite vacation destination is a fantasy because for some reason they don’t think it is practical to move to the coast. But in fact, there are many beneficial reasons why anyone […]

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renovate home with new roof

What A New Roof Can Do For Your Home

Remodelling your home, can greatly improve it’s value. It can also modernise it and for sale, if you’re replacing your roof it can assure prospective buyers of it’s weather tightness and structural integrity. Therefore replacing your old roof is one task worth doing, although it is a fairly expensive job so analyse the cost versus […]

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moving house

Top Tips For Moving House On A Budget

When it comes to moving home, the costs associated with getting your belongings from A to B can be hefty. Everything from your boxes to the removal company you choose could put a hole in your bank account and for most, finding a cheaper alternative could be an integral part of the entire process. Through […]

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planning people

3 Tips for Running A Property Management Business

Running any business can be a challenge. However, if part of your business involves keeping other people happy and safe at home, like it does for a property manager, you may feel like the stakes are even higher for you. Especially for those who are just starting off in this business, it can be hard […]

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credit score

How To Buy A House With Poor Credit

Are you one of the one-third of Americans who has a credit score considered “bad” by the credit reporting agencies? You might think that your poor credit will prohibit you from buying a home, but that isn’t necessarily the case. If you are tired of throwing money away on rent and think you are financially […]

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13 Good Reasons to Relocate to Florida

Florida is the third largest state by population, despite being the 22nd by geographical size. This is because so many people have made the decision to relocate to Florida over time. But why Florida? Well, as one of the southern-most states, it enjoys great weather. But that’s just the start of the list. Here are […]

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