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Ways to Research the History of Your House

Researching the history of your home can be a lot of fun. Who has lived there? Were they were famous or infamous? Finding out who has lived there is one of two types of searches. The other type of search is on the building itself. When was it built, who was the Architect, builder and […]

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The Unsettling Effect of Brexit on UK Property Market

Despite the fact that the vote to leave Europe occurred over a year ago, the UK is still reeling from the impact of Brexit. It is theorised that the effect is not due to the break itself but rather the level of uncertainty that still surrounds the type of deal Britain could receive from Europe […]

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Public Liability: Avoiding Lawsuits As A Real Estate Investor

You have the money, and you have found a perfect property to add to your portfolio. What could go wrong? Apart from the obvious, the foremost thing real estate investors have to consider is the issue of public liability. The general public may gain access or may live in the building, which means you have […]

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8 Benefits of Apartment Living

When we’re young, many of us dream of having our own house. A large space with a garden and plenty of room to have families of our own. Yet, in the modern world, more and more of us are living in apartments instead of more traditional houses. Once, apartments were like a middle ground. We […]

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REITs: A Property Investment Option if You Have Limited Funds

When it comes to investing, putting funds into real estate has long been a way people across the country have made substantial profits. However, while you might be keen to join their ranks and invest your money into housing or another type of property, if you’re like many Americans, you might be putting this off […]

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How to pick the right windows for your property

Whether you are building your own home, or you plan to renovate your existing home, one of the most difficult tasks is choosing the right windows for your property. You will want to have windows fitted that will look nice and let in plenty of light, but you don’t want to end up feeling as […]

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First Impressions: What Does Your Property Say About You?

Estimates vary greatly as to the economic value of landscaping and other projects when it comes to selling your home. Some realtors even caution against too much landscaping, as it could scare away potential buyers who see such projects as expensive and time-consuming maintenance projects. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb is that curb appeal endeavors […]

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5 Tips to hunting for the perfect house in Ohio in the fall

Ohio, the home of buckeye trees and beautiful weather, is a great place to settle down and raise a family. It boasts of eye-catching landscapes and gorgeous lakes. Lake Erie, for instance, is a site to behold. On its shores lies the stunning city of Cleveland, the home of rock ‘n’ roll. Fall is the […]

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Ban On Foreign Buyers Not The Answer

The New Zealand government has recently confirmed planned changes to the way in which homes in the country are bought and sold. These rule changes would mean foreign buyers would be banned from purchasing an existing home. The aim is to stop people buying up New Zealand housing stock unless they’re actually planning to live […]

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Need A Change Of Horizon? Get The Property To Match It

Do you have the feeling that your home doesn’t feel as homely and cozy as it used to? The excitement of owning your own roof and walls is wearing off, and suddenly you find yourself feeling disenchanted about your property. As harsh as it’s going to sound, it’s a common experience among homebuyers that happens […]

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5 Unusual Things that Affect a Home’s Valuation

Most people assume that the value of their property is directly linked to current market values. To an extent, this is true, but there are a few things that adversely affect how much a property is worth on the open market. If you are thinking of buying a property, read the following list and see […]

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Adding Value to an Investment Property

You own an investment property, so, obviously you want to make money off it. The best way to increase its value, whether you want to sell it or rent it, is to make it look appealing to your potential customers. Like every other product on the market, it sells better if its appearance is pleasing. […]

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The Beauty Of The Pied-A-Terre

It’s a French phrase, but the pied-a-terre is something that is making a comeback. There was once a time that it was common for a wealthy business person to have an apartment in the city for during the week, and a pile in the countryside for the weekends and the family. Since the economic nosedive, […]

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The Importance of Picking the Right Property Location

If you have already decided to move from your old house and it is up for sale, you might be thinking about choosing a location that will suit you better for years to come. If you have kids, you will have to think about schools and transport, and if you have a car, you must […]

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