Smart Home Gadgets: 5 Must-Have Devices for a Modern House

Although the idea of a smart home is still evolving, there are plenty of tech tools at our disposal to turn our homes into smarter learning machines. From ‘smart’ thermostats to ‘smart’ speakers, there’s barely a limit to what you can incorporate into your daily life at home. In this article, we will be going […]

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old english home

5 of the best builds from Grand Designs

Whether you’re remodelling an older property in a unique style or starting a new build from scratch, Grand Designs always primes the imagination. And you needn’t break the bank to emulate the eclectic designs featured, because thrifty post-recession builders often use deft development tricks to build dream homes on a range of budgets. Related Posts […]

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Three of the Best Places to Buy a Property Outside of London

While London may offer a variety of different opportunities for work and pleasure, you don’t need to be a property market expert to know that buying in the capital can be very expensive. According to this article from The Guardian, recent estimates claim the average house price there to be £478,142, compared to the UK […]

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construction workers

What is LABC and Why Do You Need It?

Local Authority Building Control is a not-for-profit organisation, representing the local authority building control teams across England and Wales. Their teams work with homeowners and construction professionals to make sure homes comply with Building Regulations. It’s important that you have building work approved by the local council, as it can guarantee that the work is […]

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3 Unwelcome & Unexpected Costs When You’re A Landlord

If you are to follow the traditional financial wisdom, planning is the route to success. Planning is what allows you to gaze into a financial crystal ball, able to ride out any problems that you may encounter with a precognizant flare. If you plan, then you’re never going to struggle again. The problem with traditional […]

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two storey house

Owning a Second Home on a Tight Budget

If your first home wasn’t a big enough investment already, then your second home definitely will be. But you’re probably sitting there thinking “why?”. Why invest in a second home when the first one is already taking up most of your salary, and why would you even need to own a second one anyway? Related […]

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Importance of Height Safety Training in the Construction Industry

Working at heights is one of the main reasons of injuries at workplaces around the world. Height safety system is something that should be taken very seriously. Construction companies working on some high-rise buildings must take this system into consideration for the welfare of their employees. Day after day, there has been a significant rise […]

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Reasons why you should include limestone blocks in construction

If you are getting your garden designed, you have come to the right place. Limestone retaining wall design is commonly used to increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden; the best thing here is that they are very practical as well. Limestone, a sedimentary rock, is mainly composed of skeletal fragments of various marine organisms, […]

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4 Tips to Choose the Right Home for Rental Income

Purchasing a rental property can be a great way to create a supplemental source of income. It is an investment and with all investments there’s a lot to understand and do to get it right.  While we won’t provide any tips on financing or legal considerations of owning rental properties we will provide a few […]

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at home on couch

Here are 7 Essential Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments youth will ever make in your life. As much as it brings excitement, there’s always a certain risk of going wrong with your purchase. Therefore first homes buyers need to know what’s going on in the property market at any given time, in particular changes […]

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home by lake

5 Unusual Homes That Allow You A Slower Pace Of Life

So you want to move house? When you’re looking to relocate, find your dream house, or even change the way you live, you may think that you only have one option – to move from the kind of house that you’re in now, to something extremely similar. But, that’s not always the case. You can […]

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construction site

Essential Features of Any Construction Site

There is hardly any doubt that the setup of a construction project is a highly complex process and hence general contractors must carry out a lot of things in the pre-construction phase. Let’s take a moment to understand a bit about the construction process so that you can get some idea on the technicalities of […]

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holiday home

How To Go About Owning Your Own Holiday Home

For those considering owning a holiday home, but not sure how to go about it, or what to expect here is a rundown of what is involved with owning a holiday home and how to make it happen. Looking at your Budget The first thing you are going to need to do when considering looking […]

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lego man

Construction, Not Destruction! Working With Your Builder

The core of any good building project, whether you’re building an extension or building a full house from the ground up, is not the tools or the foundation, but the relationship you have with your builder. Really, the right builder will understand how to work with you, and the relationship needs to work right from […]

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Montreal – Why Residents Love Living Here

It’s not surprising that Montreal in Canada is considered a great place to reside. It’s not its largest city but it is considered one of its most ‘European’ with residents speaking English and French. Montreal’s property market has up to now escaped attention due to not experiencing the stratospheric gains in value that Toronto and […]

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