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Buy-To-Let: Your Top Concerns

For anyone who is thinking of trying to make some money in property, buy-to-let is a common and popular way to go. The reason for this is that it can provide you with a pretty swift income and return, and it is relatively easy to get into as long as you have the necessary starting […]

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10 Unique Ways of Selecting Your Fabric

In the world of home décor and upholstery, fabric and textiles are building blocks and reign paramount as design influencers. Decorating your house is a wonderfully creative project, selection of desired fabrics can test decision-making abilities. The fabric is the piece that sets the tone of the room, environment, and house. No need to fret- […]

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FHA 101: The Basics of the Best Home Loan on the Market

Shopping for a home is never easy, but it’s not even fun when you don’t have good credit. Poor-credit homebuyers often must face the prospect of acquiring an unexciting home with an unaffordable mortgage — unless you know about Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans. An FHA home loan is the answer to all your bad-credit, […]

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The legal requirements of selling a property you have inherited

Bereavement is one of life’s most difficult circumstances, and should you find yourself responsible for a deceased loved-one’s property, you may feel daunted by the task of selling it. Though the process can be complex and differs from case to case, we’ve de-cluttered and renovated the information, to provide you with a simple and non-stressful […]

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Moving From The Country to the City – What to Consider

If you and your family are planning on moving from the countryside to the city there are various things that need to be considered beforehand. Whether the move is for a new job or just because you fancy a different pace in life, here are our list of different things that you are going to […]

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How Urban Real Estate Trends Are Being Powered By Cultural Shifts

Cities all throughout the world are going through a modern day architectural renaissance. Urban real estate is being affected with large societal and economic changes creating a new environmental of transformation. Millions of millennials are converging to large cities where the most advanced small businesses and entrepreneurial markets have begun evolving. With the advent of […]

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Consider these tips to renovate your house on a budget

If you are considering property remodel, your financial plan assumes a noteworthy part in choosing the final product. When arranging a redesign, it is urgent to remember that your necessities are in arrangement with the financial plan. Related Posts Rental Property Renovation Tips 10 months ago All property owners want to protect their financial asset […]

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Debt To Income Ratio Limit

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has just released a consultation paper on  debt to income (DTI) ratios and invites public submissions by 18 August 2017. It’s the next macroprudential policy measure under consideration by the RBNZ aimed at managing the housing market.  The first one was the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) restriction introduced in […]

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Ready To Strata?

As an investment, strata properties have many advantages and disadvantages over typical houses that are freestanding. But are they a solid investment? The definition of a strata property is that, generally, you own a part of a larger complex or dwelling. If you will, it’s like dividing a share of land but vertically rather than […]

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Why Your House Is Still Up For Sale

Ask anybody who has sold a house in the past, and they will tell you how challenging selling is. In fact, people often say moving is one of the most stressful times in their life. And one of the most painful parts is waiting for a seller. After all, you want to complete the sale […]

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What to Consider When Buying a Family Home

Buying a home can be difficult. It’s a huge expense and there is a lot to consider when searching for the right property. This can be made even more difficult if you have a family to think about. Whether you are moving with children, or just buying a home which allows you to expand your […]

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