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  • Hi Orkibi,

    I'm not 100% on the numbers for the property but these are what I have at present:

    Their RV is 700k (they don't know what they will ask for it yet, I think they were going to try sell next year), my parents(next door) after their Reno is 1.2mil.
    The houses are both identical but the land is a bit smaller than my parents.
    Property is in Kelburn.
    Not sure on Reno costs, I'll have to talk to my parents about how much theirs cost as it would be a similar job, maybe not to such a high standard as theirs though.
    I was hoping to buy for 750k, Reno for 150-200k and try sell for 1.2+ (very amateur guess though)
    We having sent inspectors or valuerers through yet as we are just pondering the option.
    Sorry to send by message but I didn't know if that info would be a bit personal to post.