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  • Hi Glenn,

    Hope you could assist with our query.

    This tenant has been at one of our properties for over 8yrs, at very low rent. True, it's our fault too , didn't increase rent at all for the period . Her winz payments have been regular consistent, however, she didn't pay the waters - agreed on a payment plan for waters however she doesn't keep to her promise.14 day letters been sent however, I couldn't get to Tribunal filing instead continued soft touch. She hasn't kept to her promise to pay Waters despite many emails /texts and meetings .

    Don't have much trust on Mediation/ Tribunal processingts etc plus no time to bother and need this tenant out and start fresh as house now can be rented well above what she pays at least over $150pw to what she is paying. Hence , rather chasing her water payments, I am better off renting the house to someone else as market rent has increased heaps.

    What would you suggest me to get a tenant soon and end this Tenancy formally?