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  • Thanks for paying me a visit.

    I know I go on about the whole meth thing a bit, but please don't hold that against me! The whole reason I have set up the MethSolutions business is because I am sick to death of decent people getting ripped off by meth criminals.

    And, once ripped off, the economic temptation for decent people is in turn to minimise their loses and pass the problem onto somebody else.

    This whole issue of MethAffected property is a serious one and property investors need to take it seriously.

    At the very least, before you add new property to your portfolio, at least consider getting an indicative test done. Doing so will cost me money! And, only if you have a problem, or you want to manage your investment differently will MethSolutions make some money.

    How's that for and 'evil capitalist scumbag' drelly?