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  • Normally I live in Dili in East Timor ..... right now I am in Palmerston North.

    Think they've got you on the 50 year thing... apparently to be considered a house and thus get building consents/approvals etc it has to be designed with a 50 year lifespan..... hence no deprec on houses. I would assume that now all repairs are abled to be claimed as expenses as you can no longer capatlise them and deprec any more you were required to do with some if they were considered improvements.... not sure what will happen if the repair is a repair and an improvemnet at the same time... replacing a roof could be a good example of a repair, some beean counters may claim it to be an improvement if somehow the roof is better ...dunno I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

    Maybe it will all be clear to me when you read this in 6 months time...cheers