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  • Hi Cube

    To be honest i have better thing s to do than spend hours defending myself from the uninspiring tall popy knockers that post on this site.

    Infact the garbage that that likes of empower ( whom is soliciting by trying to put me down ) to line his buisness pockets, and others whom
    post lies and the like should be banned as he has in the past.

    I am not going to engage with these clowns. Infact I find the site a frustrating joke with the crap that is posted on it. Cant think why I spend
    thousands with Dona for her services. Hmmmm maybe I will spend my money elsewhere where real people will see it, Back to the NZ herald and the like. Tell Dona this if you whish, would like her comments

    The world would be a better place without this site and the fools on it.

    Somepeople spend so much time talking unfounded crap on this site they must be on the DPB. They should get a real job or do what I do and build a 15 million dollar porfolio.