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  • Hi this is what I have learned. Video your property, doors, cupboards, plants, fences, driveway, garage, locks, roof, windows, drapes front and back of them. List on your tenancy agreement exactly who can be in the house put every person's name on it. Ensure you list such things as removal of trees and plants prohibited, no alterations, painting, heavy trucks in driveway, weeding of garden required, mowing of lawns on a weekly or two weekly basis, do the property inspections every 8 weeks notify tenants in writing of date/time at least 48 hours prior.
    Check money is in bank every week if one day late ring tenant if no money that day, issue the 10 day notice immediately. Keep a record of every telehphone conversation, date, time, who said what, what was agreed. Record every call you make in diary. Do NOT ring after 7pm or before 8 am where possible.
    When you do the property inspection, take video camera, record every inspection, have a second person with you.
    Good luck,