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  • Hi Dave.

    I have been using the portal type scenario but the trouble is getting a parking company to place good quality adverts on the sites.
    I have started using a new one approx 3 weeks ago to see how that goes.

    I have also started to setup websites using joomla and rocketheme templates to try and generate revenue from google adwords and other affiliate programs.
    Unfortunately with so little time this last 6 months I have fallen behind in the development side. I'm looking forward to Christmas where I will be able to leave the bricks and mortar business behind for month or so and just focus on getting some affiliate sites up and running.

    I have been doing ok out of the small effort I have put in so far so I am keen to go hunting for some good affiliate programs and start putting together some revenue generating sites.

    Depending on the domain of course the parking companies can actually provide an ok return.