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  • Hi Glenn
    I've justed joined this group after having a problem with my rental property. I've just read a few of threads you had posted on and was most impressed. You seem to be quite the fountain of knowledge and I'd be most grateful for any advice.

    I own a rental in Nelson and have a property manager from a well known company looking after the place. Due to work reasons I can't, and these people have looked after the place 9 years. The tennant had complained about the garden steps to PM who failed to get seen to. It later resulted in the tennant falling down the steps because they weren't repaired and this was taken to the tribunal last week. This had been building for 6 months, between the tennants, PM and the tribunal. My PM only let me know about this whole fiasco on the Wednesday of last week and it went to the tribunal on Friday. The tennants are to be awarded $500 compensation. However I'm a bit confused as to who exactly is liable to pay this as the PM's company is pushing towards my paying of this. I feel a tad beligerent about the prospect of paying a fine as the landlord when I had arranged a PM to cover potiential problems.

    I'm curious as to whether you had heard of anything similair to this, or had any advice?

    Regards, Jon