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    Default What is Propertytalk.co.nz about?


    Propertytalk.co.nz (Pt) was setup to provide a meeting place for people from all over the world who are interested in New Zealand property for investment.

    We believe that all information should be free and independent. Marc (thats me!) and Donna started the site but the members of the Pt community make it what it is today not us!

    We started out about 7 months ago and provide the Propertytalk.co.nz (Pt) community with the following:

    1) Articles written by professionals who have a certain skill or knowledge related to property investment. Their articles are submitted to Pt for free and we upload them to our Articles section - link below:


    2) Daily New Zealand News - every business day we upload to Pt the daily New Zealand news regarding property investment. You can read the news on the front web page or in our news section - link below:


    You can also subscribed to the Daily Email News Service (free) which sends our daily news to you via email. Link below:


    3) We also provide forms and questionaries that you can use when researching on professionals to add to your power team. The documents are in our downloads section - again for free - link below:


    4) Forums! We have the most active forums in New Zealand for property investment - this was stat was voted by our community. We have loads of awesome people on our forums that are very happy to communicate with you and help you in your property investment tasks. Please please post a question on our forums - we don't bite!

    5) Online chat - we provide a real time online chat section which allows our community to chat with each other in real time wherever you are in the world - saves on phone bills! You can also create your own chatroom that is password protected to chat in private with invited members only.


    6) Reports - version 1 of reports provides access to our recommendations database which contains details of professionals who have been recommended by our community. We have accountants, lawyers, property managers, mortgage brokers and more! You can search by professional type and region. Please also note that as a member of the community you can submit a professional to Pt that you think is great so that the rest of the community can benefit.


    7) Promotions! - this is coming online very soon and allows you to get material on great deals offered by professionals before anyone else. You can subscribe to receive promotions by email here - link below:


    Web Links - here you can search for web sites and companies around New Zealand that offer services to property investors.


    9) We also have a free monthly newsletter as well! You can subscribe here - link below:


    There is a whole lot more but the above should get you started!

    Please tell your friends to Join Us and learn about investment from an independent and free source!




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