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    North Shore, auckland

    Question Valuer Kaipara -Dargaville Area

    Anyone use or know a good valuer around Dargaville -Maungatoroto area please.



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    Default Mike Nyssen / Telfer Young

    Hi Mark
    This guy is often in the Kaipara district & a lot of ppl use him in Dargaville. He is Whangarei based but I don't think there are any local Valuers here (at least I have never heard of any) Here's the link below


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    wonder if valuers

    take into account the local

    4-legged land sharks

    "It was pretty distressing, but what was even more upsetting was that the people in the house [where the dog came from] didn't come to render any assistance, either for the accident or their dog attacking the man."

    have you defeated them?
    your demons


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