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    Default Landlords rights

    hmm you guys might need to create a tenants forum.

    Anyway I have a question regarding what you can find out about prospective tenants in NZ.

    As a landlord can you find out if they have been naughty in another tenancy maybe did a runner before paying up? I suppose I am asking can you as a landlord get info on their finance - are they bankrupt, are they in default somewhere, are they owing rent from somewhere etc..have they been prosecuted for wrecking a rental up.


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    In Australia, there is a tenants database available to property managers- presumably for a subscription which would put it out of reach for an individual landlord.

    I don't know if such a thing exists in NZ.

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    Default do your clients have bonds lodged with Tenancy Services?

    When we were tenants we always used to have our bond lodged through Tenancy Services. This way we could transfer our bond between landkords easily and it also created a record of tenancy. We were always good tenants and never had our bond heldback.

    Check with prospective tenants to see if they have a lodged bond. If so this makes it easier to find out their history.


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